Why is the Hair Transplant Clinic in Kolkata Considered The Best Destination for Hair Transplant Patients?

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Hair transplantation is the procedure that reallocates hair follicles that are not predisposed to baldness to the bald region. When the follicles are transferred in this way, the hair reappears in that area. This procedure is considered the only definitive solution for androgenic baldness, the hereditary one.

It is important to note that baldness is not the same as hair loss. DHT is five times more potent than testosterone and is the crucial hormone in developing androgenic alopecia. The fact that receptors for this hormone are not evenly distributed throughout the scalp explains hair loss patterns. For this reason, the hair transplant removes hair from that area. And relocate the hair in regions where there has already been miniaturization. It is because these hairs are not at risk of also undergoing the transformation process.

Why is Kolkata the best place to have a hair transplant?

Many states are present in the media due to their importance in the health sector. And today, we will explain why the hair transplant clinic in Kolkata is the best place to have a hair transplant. Let’s see what makes this city the leading medical tourism destination for alopecia.

People looking for a hair transplant

Hair Transplant is a process in which an individual’s hair is used on the head’s back. And it is placed in an area where there is no hair present. It has excellent results, with remarkable recovery. So that patients can reach a full life in a short time—examples of this practice that has spread among celebrities. Although the city does stand out in other aspects, this type of medical facility has increased. And it is now one of the most significant points of wealth in the form of good pharmacovigilance practice.

The practice of hair transplant in numbers

During 2019 – 2020 January, about 100 operations were performed per day. Most patients come to the hair transplant clinic in Kolkata because the price is very impressive compared to other states like Delhi. Hair loss/baldness is a widespread problem among people due to the changing lifestyle and the environment. Previously, it is thought to be the sign of aging, but today it also affects very young people.

80% of the masses are affected by the genetic causes of baldness, and 20% of people are affected by other reasons such as stress, trauma, accidents, burns, improper diet, attitude, Unhealthy and wrong lifestyle. It is interesting to know that there are currently more hair transplant surgeries in Kolkata and constitutes 90% of the masses against clients in hair transplantation. Not to mention that the hair transplant clinic in Kolkata is well connected to every corner of the country. Also, several foreigners come here to take the hair transplant treatment due to the lower cost. From the international airport to the railway station and bus route, Kolkata is well connected with other states. The city metro line makes the journey hassle-free.

The black market of some travel companies

As with all large businesses, there are always some people who benefit from that business. They create companies without an official license to perform this procedure. The intention is that the operations are carried out in places not intended for this purpose and by people who are not qualified to do so.

The Medical Association is well aware of this problem and started to register legitimate companies to discard those who use people’s health as illegal businesses. Therefore, if you are interested in performing a Hair Transplant in Kolkata, you can choose the best clinic as there is no chance of fraudulent activities. So, you come in peace and leave the clinic with visible results. You can search by checking some websites that have been made available to patients to certify that the references are legal.

Hair transplant recovery

The scalp can become very sensitive after surgery. The patient may need to take painkillers for several days. The surgeon for Hair Transplant can make you wear bandages on your scalp for a day or more. Most people can go back to work 25 days after surgery. Surgeons can also prescribe hair growth medications to improve hair growth after transplantation.

Kolkata is one of the best medical travel destinations. So it offers patients the most cost-effective hair transplant treatment. Hospitals have the advanced infrastructure, modern medical equipment, and excellent patient care. Gathering years of experience, Indian doctors are also well qualified and acclaimed. They are aware of the latest hair transplantation techniques, machines, and instruments. And continue their research in the medical field.

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