Imagine a pain deep inside, cannot be explained in words, not in writing,

A pain starts that the tips of your toes and extends to the ceiling,

You Can’t  Eat, can’t even Sleepy

This is the pain which is being felt by me.

But, my mother raised a woman who can stand her ground,

But these contexts are different and I feel alone.

All have declared you dead and gone,

But it feels like I can talk to you if I am over the phone

A broken window cannot be fixed, only the pane can be replaced.

But, no pain is so great that it can replace your face,

With my eyes shut because of the tears, I slept on,

God, I am thankful for his pictures and voice on my phone.

But, don’t forget, just because you are in awe of the Lord’s blessings,

Never forget, your friends and the time you have spent.

I will never have someone like you, as my lover, my friend.

My heart is locked in a vault and I feel scared to let people in.

It does not matter how much I cry,

My heart will always hold on to you,

You will never hear me say good-bye.

I spend a long time in the place where you lay,

I cry, marveling , about the person you are today.



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