Finally Answered! Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? – An Emotional-Logical Explanation by 6 Years Old Girl

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? Finally find the Answer.

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Who came first- Egg or Chicken!!!

You must have heard this puzzle more than thousand times in your life, right???
Yes, we heard this unsolvable puzzle several times. We also find so many explanations of it, logical-scientific, ancient paradox, and so many more….This question is so tricky because it needs a chicken to lay  eggs, however chicken cannot come without egg, which makes this question so complex to answer. This is the reason why there are two parallel believers, namely Team chicken and Team egg!!!

This particular blog is more than about this particular question, because the blog tells you a small story before zeroing the answer.

It’s a real story of Aadhya, a 6 years old little girl, who is in the habit of listening bedtime story from her parents, almost on daily basis. Although, it is too difficult to frame a new story, daily, but her parents are fortunate to convince the little girl with slightly modified version or part-wise stories.  When her parents are too tired to tell her a story, they use to assign her a puzzle…sometimes math…. sometimes reasoning etc. to get rid of her well deserved demand!!!

Last week when she was repeatedly asking for a bed time story and her parents were not in the mood because of full day of hectic schedule, they gave her a puzzle. And yes, the puzzle was
“WHO CAME FIRST? EGG or HEN???”, thinking that she would revolve around a dilemma and parent can be relaxed for that night

Actually, her parents thought that, she would be unable to answer the puzzle and it would help her to sleep while she search for the answer, but quite surprising, she spoke out with a confident voice….”Baba , the answer is Hen”.

Since, her parents were also not knowing the exact answer (actually they were in the impression that there is no answer of this question), so they don’t bothered, whether her daughter’s answer is right or wrong.

But the twist came, when she started explaining….although parents were listening very casually while checking the unread messages!!! She explained “definitely Hen came first, because if egg would have appeared first, who would have taken care of it? If mother is not there for taking care of her kids, then how the kid could survive? So, if the Egg came first in earth, otherwise it can never survive. So the answer is the HEN”.

Her parents were shocked…..Was they hearing the proper explanation? No science – no environment – no calculations, only the emotions – love and care taught her the importance of the Mother care..

She could give this logic very easily because she is going through the phase, where she is fully dependent on her mother and she connected her thoughts with the present puzzle, so seamlessly.

Her parents now have definitely got the convincing answer for which, they assumed that no answer can be come out with proper explanation. And they are very proud of Aadhya’s imagination… Parents are really convinced even if, others can argue with this logic afterward!

They are now confident that, their parenting is on right direction…

Mousumi Kundu Paul

Author Bio : Mousumi Kundu Paul (Aadhya’s Mother)


  1. Love U nice and imotional explanation.Mother’s love is all around the world.At this stage the little girl have already realised this eaternal truth.Again a lots of loveeeeeee.


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