When I Miss you on a Fine Rainy Day

By: Debadrita Ghosh

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When I miss you on a fine rainy day,

And I wonder how to make some way,

To meet you and give you a surprise,

And fill your stomach with romantic butterflies.


When I watch the raindrops falling from the cloud

I feel to dance and sing around

And hold you tight near my chest,

And make you laugh with some jest.


When the music of rain continues to play,

And we enjoy its beauty with the smell of clay.

Together we sit and have some tea,

With no one else around except you and me.


When the heavy rain still falls at the same pace,

And I keep glancing at your sweet face.

Slowly and silently, we make a move,

And lie down on the bed with the rain’s groove.


Then the rain slows down its speed,

Yet we continue our lovemaking and lust with full of greed,

Feeling our skeletons and bones,

And Rains will drizzle followed by our moans.


Finally, the rain stops,

painting its colorful signature of a rainbow,

We will look outside the window as we lie on the same balmy pillow,

The sky will show up its yellow glow of light,

Nature will keep on changing,

but our love will continue day and night.

Such imagination in my memory makes me happy and gay,

When I miss you on a fine rainy day.

By: Debadrita Ghosh


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