What Moksha Means


It is rightly said that – “MOKSHA is the final stop to endless cycle of earthly   

sojourns& reincarnations”.

Well, I personally feel that it’s always invigorating & stimulating to talk about life. There is no exaggeration to the fact that Life is a serious reality. But, today people are not living in the happy state of mind, most of the people run after money, money is everything for them & they get indulged in worldly things forgetting the fact that human life is transient or short-lived. Death is inevitable.

Now, here comes the concept of Moksha that is freedom from life & death. In Indian religions & Indian philosophy, the literal meaning of Moksha is emancipation, mukti or release. It symbolises the powerfulness of freedom from samsara, the ultimate cycle of death & rebirth. The incredible & encouraging aim of Moksha is freedom, self-realization & self-knowledge. As far as the Hindu Belief System is concerned, the top four goals of human life are Atman, karma, dharma & Moksha. Infact, Moksha can be described in a number of ways. It can be referred to as the Hindu’s final destiny or the end of suffering. Moreover, it can be the highest state of happiness which cannot be described.

There are many thought-provoking theories & sayings about Moksha. Actually, according to my perception about life, I think life is a bridge between theoretical & practical working. It is a one time offer & it is not a bed of roses. Hence, it’s the need of the hour to live life well according to the ethical values & standards.

To be very honest, the best way to attain Moksha is YOGA. The origin of the word Yoga is from the Sanskrit word “YUJ” which means “To join”. According to Swami Digambarji: Yoga is the union of Atma&Parmatma.According to the GEETA(The epic book): Yoga is defined as the evenness of temper. According to Ashtang Yoga from Patanjali, Yoga contains eight stages that are Yama, Niyam, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahar, Dhaarna, Dhyan& Samadhi. Generally, people are of the opinion that it takes many births & constant practice for attaining these stages. But, after attaining the final stage one is free from the bondage of birth & death. However, this way to attain Moksha is believed to be the great way & a salient route that comes with it’s own deepest riddles that are beyond human understanding.

Now as per the Raja Yoga, the one element of yoga is Kaivalya that is seclusion or isolation & detachment from samsara.It is the last stage of enlightenment through which the yogi attains Nirvana, a transcendent state.

I think if one’s mind becomes conflict-free, that is Moksha. Infact, Moksha is the realization of truth & one thing that does not allow people to go to Moksha is obstinacy that is the root cause of all evils. In other words, Moksha is being EMOTIONALLY FREE. According to Hindu Mythology, there are three well-defined paths to Moksha that are listed below-



3. PATH OF KNOWLEDGE.Summing up, it can be inferred that Moksha is simply SPIRITUAL PERFECTION that comes from SELF-IDENTIFICATION, SELF-DEVELOPMENT & SELF-REALIZATION.

Author: Azeem Uddin


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