What job can you get with visual communication?

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Visuals are a powerful tool of communication widely used by big brands to convey their message and connect with the target audience. A degree in visual communication prepares a graduate for a host of jobs, in various areas, including graphic design, video editing, and website development. If you are a creative individual, pursuing a well-designed master’s in visual communication can help you develop the skills needed to pursue exciting jobs in the creative industry. With the exponential growth within the creative sector, many opportunities have been created for visual communications graduates.

Before looking at the jobs with a visual communication degree, let’s understand what visual communication is.Visual communication uses technology and art to create engaging content for several platforms, including advertising, fashion, and social media, with the aim of each content to reach out to the right audience. It uses visual elements to communicate ideas or information. Visual communications have been a stable career field for quite some time now and are expected to continue growing in the near future. The digital age has created a massive demand for global visual communication professionals.

Here are some prominent jobs available for individuals with a master’s in visual commincation:

Jobs in Visual Communication

Visual communication of various choices ranges from video director to option designer and web and app designer. If you are a creative individual passionate about pursuing an exciting career, then a master’s in visual communication course can further your knowledge of the fast-evolving creative industry. Upon completion of this programme,a graduate will be able to pursue the following career:

  1. VFX Artist

A VFX artist is a professional who brings imagination to life. They design and create digitally-generated imagery for action in feature films, television, and games. VFX artists are in-demand professionals as studios of every size hire VFX artists to support their creative team.

  • UI/UX Designer

A UI/UX designer is one of the most prominent job profiles in visual communication where the professional design the graphic elements. The core responsibilities of a UI/UX designer are to design and implement navigation components that improve the user experience of a digital tool.

  • Animator

An animator is a creative professional whose core responsibility is to create a series of images popularly known as frames in the visual world. These frames stimulate movement. The multiple images created by an animator give an illusion of action, which is the animation when displayed in rapid sequence.

  • Web Designer

Web designers are tasked with creating the visual aspects of websites. Their core job is designing, building, and improving sites using creative and programming skills. Web designers typically work to improve user experience by creating websites that are easy to navigate and understand.

  • Visual Communication Designer

Visual communication designersessentially create mobile and web products that are highly functional and visually engaging. The professionals in this field are required to be creative to develop innovative ideas and conceptualise them.

  • Graphic Artist

The graphic artist is one of the most sought-after job roles in the industry. Graphic artists are professionals responsible for creating the visual aspects of certain books, production, exhibition, website, and more. The design aims to grab the customer’s attention while communicating the brand’s message effectively.

  • Art Director

Art directors are professionals who oversee the design of a project by providing input on images, artwork, and layout. They suggest innovative ways to represent a concept visually and communicate their vision with a team of designers to work on various projects, including television, video games, advertising, magazines, advertisements, and video games.

There are many more job roles in the visual communication field. Pursuing a master’s in visual communication can allow you to expand your horizons and pursue a lucrative career in the fast-paced, growing creative industry. So, apply for this programme now!

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