What if Your Favorite Travel Websites were not Translated


Amidst the daily schedule of our life, we need some refreshment to get rejuvenated again. Traveling to the world is the wildest dream of every person. Here is the list of countries which are mostly visited in the world, and the average trip per year per person in those countries and the average spent on each trip per person:

Country Trip Per Year (Per Person) Spent Per Trip (Per Person in Each Trip)
Hong Kong 11.4 $ 3012
Luxembourg 2.56 $ 5880
Hungary 1.62 $ 244
Sweden 1.5 $ 1406
Finland 1.46 $ 833
Ireland 1.44 $ 1176
Singapore 1.44 $ 3690
Switzerland 1.42 $ 2118
Denmark 1.4 $ 1512
Albania 1.36 $ 451


Wherever of the world, you stay, or whichever is the language you prefer to speak, the travel websites are the ultimate guide of our travel needs. Taken from gathering information about the country or place we want to visit, searching for hotels, to booking flights; everything is straightforward with the help of those travel websites.

Imagine if you speak Spanish, French or Arabic and you would like to book a flight ticket, but ticket booking website is only available in English. What about being in a country that speaks German only and you would like to get a taxi or book a hotel in this country.

So what are the must-have websites if you are planning a trip abroad?

Let us gives you heads-up about them:

  1. Expedia : Expedia is a travel booking platform for Flights, Hotels and cars, cruises, Packages
  2. Airbnb : Travel Booking Website for Budget Hotels
  3. Kayak : Travel Booking Website for Travel Packages, Hotels, Flight Booking
  4. Booking.com :Travel Booking Website for Deals in Hotels and Flights
  5. Tripadvisor :A travel Booking Website for booking hotels, flights,

These websites are very feasible in use, and they do have online translation services in multiple languages to make it easy for numerous different lingual travelers to make their travel journeys easily. But what if these sites were not translated?

The revenue any country governments earn from their travel and tourism is enormous. To make the bookings easy, it is much essential to provide translation services for all the sites that contain the information of different country and make it easy for travelers to get their bookings done. Travelers are not comfortable with such websites which are entirely in one language and are not using any localization services.

A single lingual website is a very much error prone to the travelers. The clear indulgent and knowledge about the place being visited, the terms and conditions of the travel website and the services they provide can’t understand correctly. In many cases, the travelers can’t appreciate the currency, and they face great difficulty while making any booking simultaneously changing the money.

Thus there is a simple need for providing websites with secure website translation services. Not only the sites there are few travel tools too, which are frequently used by the travelers and they need to be localized to give an excellent user experience. Here is top 5 such apps and tools:

Flight Track Pro Flight Track Pro gives you airplane terminal maps, entryway numbers, and refreshed flight times so you generally have the most present status on your aircraft experience
Lookout Mobile Security Post consistently backs up the information on your telephone and permits you access to it from the web. This little security pearl additionally checks for malware to ensure your information. Also, on the off chance that you lose it, you can get to a web based following component to discover it rapidly
Kindle Need some perusing material while you fly the cordial skies? You don’t have to squander valuable portable space with massive books. Presently, you can peruse any book from your PC from the digital book commercial center.
Vocre This app helps you to communicate with locals and translate your thoughts into their own language.You don’t need to go far on the planet to discover that English isn’t frequently the native language
Oanda Currency Converter If you are tired of doing conversion equations in your head, let this app solve your math headaches.


With the help of the website language translation of travel aggregators like Expedia can provide rich text to the widest possible audience. The messages the website want to give to its customer becomes easy and readable and thus Expedia became in the top list of the most popular travel websites in the world.

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