What does the best fabric design course have?


It is not just doctors and engineers that the youth of India wants to pursue. A lot of students are breaking the barrier of cliches and pursuing a variety of courses different from what people would call mainstream. One of the most in-demand courses in the current scenario is the fabric design course.

Textile is an ever-growing industry, especially in a country like India. With such a surge, there are more and more textile companies opening up and the opportunity for students to apply is also expanding. Unlike any other industry where you would require a degree to move forward, in the textile industry you are just required to pursue an education in textile design. The more trained you are, the better are your chances to gain a higher rank and pay grade in the industry. Looking at the growing demand of textile designers, there are various institutes offering a fabric design course in India. So, if you are looking to pursue a course, here are some key pointers you should consider before enrolling.

Pay close attention to the course structure

You should pay close attention to the course structure you will be following. Look at the subject matter that’s covered, the amount of practical experience that is brought in. Will industry experts be coming for guest lectures. These small yet very mindful aspects of the courses can help shape you better for the industry you will be working in. Apart from the textual, practical knowledge of leather, fabric, or paper design should also be included in the courses. If the course has external faculties from time to time, it allows you to understand how things work on the outside.

How is the faculty?

Unlike other schools or institutes where teachers need a basic understanding of all the subjects but not any keen experience of a particular industry, the fabric design course requires not just an expert teacher but an experienced one. The teachers in the institute should have a first-hand experience of working in the industry plus a teaching certification like a B.ed. For every institute out there, there are online for us or reviews that you can refer to get to know the faculty. You can also find more information about the institute in the brochure they provide or on their website. Learn these things because it can play an integral part when you start learning. Imagine asking a basic question about the industry that your teacher has to refer to the internet to answer, you would not want to study in such an institute.

How exclusive is it?

The more exclusive an Institute is, the better the teaching pattern it has. Imagine an institute that doesn’t look at any of your merits or your desire to get into the industry, but just takes you for the sake of money. If that is the case, then there is no passion among the management or the owners of the institute to provide you with quality education. So, if you are challenged with a couple of rounds of personal interviews or required to write an exam to get into the institute, don’t hesitate or rage upon it. The institute is only trying to assess your abilities and build the right course for you to gain maximum knowledge.


Similar to any other course, a fabric design course should also have placements. It is a good sign when you look that after you are done with your course, you will have an opportunity to exhibit your learnings first hand with a placement. Apart from placements, internship between the course is also an excellent way to apply your knowledge and start building your skills for when you are ready at the end of the course. So, a placement and an internship along with the course is a great package.

What are the fees?

You should know what you or your parents are paying for a fabric design course. If an institute is charging higher than others there must be a reason. It can be the placements, practical teaching, or some other facility that they are bringing into that course that makes them apart from others. Don’t just pay for the name. Look at the course and understand the entire course structure and benefits that you are provided. At the end of the day, it is not about certification but experiences as well.

Keep these little things in mind and you will be able to get into the best fabric design course there is. All the best!


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