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Let’s start with the question, what does gender equality mean on a general basis?. Well, it is a state of all sex being treated equally without any sexual discrimination and/or the treatment of people irrespective of their gender. What this means is, a boy and a girl or man and woman being treated the same. Almost all the books talk about it but it has been discriminated against. The ladies usually suffer it but people are beginning to care about gender equality and I think maybe in a few years from now women will be treated equally to men.
Gender equality on my planet is not what everyone thinks or sees it as. Many think Since it’s called gender equality the opposite sex should do everything the other sex does. What I’m trying to say for example is; should a woman dress like the men, okay it has become a normal thing for ladies to wear pants like men. But a man can’t wear a skirt like ladies. Gender equality does not mean sex should do everything the other sex does.
Gender equality has always been one of the major problems people face because they fail to understand what it truly means or what component that makes it up to let alone understanding what it has to do with life or how it even relates to everyone on earth. I appreciate the effort of everyone trying to keep the gender-equal. But if they want it to be perfect first they should understand what it is all about.
To me, gender equality has limitations in a good way. So don’t think I don’t support equality. I do a lot because when gender is been discriminated us the ladies(because I’m a girl) suffer it the most. Let’s say, for example, providing for the family is mostly the work of men, but it doesn’t mean a lady shouldn’t provide for the family. If because of gender equality the ladies should work like the men and the men doing the same, it’s kind of weird because providing for the family is like a manly thing to me, but does not mean the ladies can’t or shouldn’t provide for the family. And taking 100 percent care of the family is a womanly thing not saying the men can’t take care of the house but there are certain things the ladies are to do and the gentlemen are not to do and the men gentlemen are to do and the ladies are not to do.
To me, there are few lists of things the ladies are to do and the men are not to do. On the list, the number one thing that gender equality can’t partake in is childbearing; don’t know if there is a technology that will help the men bear children but to me, it is only for the ladies even God knows and agrees with that. The next on the list that is meant for the ladies and that is related to childbearing is child breastfeeding. Never heard of a man breastfeeding before, so gender equality is been limited. So that is to say that just because it is called gender equality does not mean the opposite sex should get involved in what that is meant for another. In the family, the men are usually and always the head of the family. That is to say, the ladies are not supposed to. Meaning every final decision in the house should be made by the men, not saying the ladies can’t contribute but it is for the men even God said it. With this gender equality has been limited.
As everybody knows whatever that has advantage always have a disadvantage. What I mean when it comes to gender equality the advantage is that there is the freedom to do almost everything the other sex does and the disadvantage is people will get confused with what they are to do and are not to do.
So what is the question again, oh I remember now. “What does gender equality mean”. I’ll say it means a boy and a girl have been treated with conscience and alike when the need to comes. Like the girls should be allowed to go to school like the boys. And gender equality does not mean the opposite sex should dress or act like the other, but to me, it means all humans have been classified as no one is higher or lower or special in creation. All species are all the same and deserve a fair treatment like how God will treat them. For example, each sex should be treated in a way it should be and not exactly how the other is been treated then the gender is said to be equal in my planet.

By Goodness Chinweoruebube AKUBUEZE


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