Unravelling the History and Significance of Emerald Jewellery

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From ancient times, people have appreciated emerald jewellery for its vivid green colour and seductive shimmer, so it will be good to know about history and significance of it. Emeralds have always been associated with riches, power, and beauty. They have been present everywhere from the royal courts of ancient Egypt to the red carpets of Hollywood. But, emerald jewellery is more than just beautiful to look at. In this blog, the background and significance of emerald jewellery will be seen in more detail while also showcasing some of the finest examples of contemporary emerald jewellery.


Emeralds were first found in Egypt more than 4,000 years ago. The Pharaohs revered them for their eye-catching hue and fabled therapeutic qualities. It is said that Cleopatra had a penchant for emeralds and gave them as gifts to foreign dignitaries. Emeralds were highly prized by the Incas of South America, who thought they had supernatural properties.

Emeralds travelled to Europe as trade channels expanded when monarchs and the affluent coveted them. They continued to enchant the world in the 20th century, appearing in some of the most recognisable pieces of jewellery.


Although emeralds have long been linked to wealth and elegance, they also have deeper symbolic significance. They were thought to have therapeutic powers in antiquity, especially for conditions affecting the eyes. They were also considered a representation of new beginnings and rebirth.

Emerald jewellery has recently come to stand for devotion and love, and many engagement rings now contain this gemstone. The famous Elizabeth Taylor Bulgari emerald necklace that Richard Burton gave her is the ideal illustration of the intense emotional connection that can be connected to emerald jewellery.

  • 18 Kt Rose Gold Emerald and Diamond Pendant with Chain

Image Source – Mia by Tanishq

This stunning pendant features a brilliant green emerald that catches the light beautifully. This piece has the ideal amount of glitter thanks to the rose gold chain and little cluster of diamonds. The sleek, contemporary design makes it the ideal option for both formal occasions and everyday use. Wear it with a straightforward dress or blouse to make it stand out even more.

  • 14kt Yellow Gold Sweet Hurricane Finger Ring

Image Source – Mia by Tanishq

This yellow gold ring has very lovely curves, and the pink stones perfectly balance the potent emerald. It may be used for any event because of the design’s historic and contemporary elements. Smooth lines give the ring a feminine, delicate appearance. The emerald offers a pop of colour that can draw everyone’s attention. This ring can be worn alone or stacked with other rings and is a wonderful conversation starter.

  • 14kt Rose Gold Emerald Isle Finger Ring

Image Source – Tanishq

This one-of-a-kind ring has a delicate floral pattern with two prong-set emeralds nestled within the petals. The rose gold band wonderfully matches the green jewels, providing a subtle yet beautiful look. The design is ideal for individuals who enjoy nature and are looking for a piece of emerald jewellery that shows their personality. Wear it alone or stack it with other rings to create a layered effect. This ring is a wonderful work of art that will be treasured for years to come.

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