Touring Kolkata this holiday season? Here are the five best places for food

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Are you touring Kolkata this holiday? Well, if yes, you have landed on the correct post. Filled with rich cultural food, Kolkata has so many places to explore the flavors of Indian cuisine. The place is a hotspot of famous recipes. Being a coastal city, Kolkata has a variety of seafood, also as the place hosted the Mughals, its food culture improved tremendously. From local recipes to the innovative modern food, Kolkata serves it all. The list of must-visit restaurants can be long when you arrive in Kolkata but there are some places you must take yourself to have an amazing feast in this city. 

  1. Mocambo, Kolkata – Filled with loads of history, this is one of the oldest food places in Kolkata. As the localities say, the menu of this place hasn’t changed since its establishment. The place has an old vibe attached to it. Famous for its continental dishes, some of its famous dishes are devilled carbs, butter chicken tetrazzini, Fish A La Diane, steaks, etc. The place not only serves delicious food but also creates a traditional vibe. The waiters roam around wearing turbans. Having a food experience at Mocambo makes you feel transferred to the age-old days. The place also serves some appetizing Indian dishes. Earning a name for itself because of its taste, you can’t miss Mocambo if you are in Kolkata.
  • Dominos – It’s not always our mood to go for cultural food while touring a city, let’s not lie, sometimes we crave pizza, pasta, etc. And when it comes to Pizza, Dominos is the place. Super easy to locate the outlets, all you have to do is search for pizza restaurants near me and you’ll reach the nearest outlet. Along with a vast Italian menu, the eatery has now also added the Indian touch to its menu by adding dishes like pizza paratha. The best part is that it’s budget-friendly to eat here and the food feels so filling. They also have a tasty dessert menu that includes the famous Choco lava cake and mousse in various flavors. If you are hungry and unable to decide on a food place, get yourself to Dominos super quick. 
  • Aminia, Kolkata – Again one of the oldest on the list, Aminia is famous for its biryanis. It has multiple outlets across the city and simply if you want to Netflix and chill at home you are finding places for food delivery near me, Aminia is one of the best options. If you are starving for food and want to find something that won’t be problematic to your budget, you should surely feast on Aminia’s food. Famous recipes of this eatery include mutton keema, mutton reshmi butter masala along with soft rumali rotis. If you are searching for full-fledged lunch/dinner options, Aminia is the go-to. 
  • 6 Ballygunge Place – One of the top places in Kolkata, 6 Ballygunge Place had to make it to the list. Known for its authentic Bengali cuisine this place has one of the best environments as it is situated inside a hundred-year-old bungalow in Kolkata. Best of their dishes include kasha mangosh, prawns cooked with mustard, etc. They also provide buffet options for all the foodies out there. The delicacies on their menu are worth visiting the place. Also, the place is pocket friendly, especially when you are touring a new city and following a strict budget. The place also has a variety of fish dishes on its menu, which is a must recommend for fish lovers. When in Kolkata, you get to try some of the best fish dishes. 
  • Flurys, Kolkata – The list will sound incomplete if some crazy dessert place is not added to it. It is one of Kolkata’s oldest food joints, which was started in 1927! Isn’t it astonishing that it lasted so long? All credits to the rich flavors they offer. Having multiple outlets across the city, some of the highlights of their menu are rum balls, chicken patties, etc. Flurys also serves light meals, light sandwiches, eggs, etc. Localities enjoy spending quality time at this place. To enjoy some great desserts and light meals, Flurys is the best option. 

Search no longer for places, just hop on to any of the above to get a wonderful dining experience.  

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