Top 7 Most Exciting Tourist Destinations in Ahmedabad

By Aryan Paresh Thoria

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Welcome to the world’s heritage city, a proud home to several glories of our past, preserved carefully in the jovial and patriotic surroundings of the beautiful city of Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad witnesses a colorful blend of several castes, religions and communities, which gives rise to the diversity in the monuments it showcases. The mutual respect and harmony that the people cherish here is indeed another wonder of the world! Whenever you come to Ahmedabad, you would experience a grave dilemma. Where to go? How to plan a trip in such a manner that you cover all cultural aspects of this beautiful city? This article is indeed a cure to this confusion of ours! The below mentioned places are a must visit!

  1. Sabarmati Ashram: What could be better than starting your trip with the holy visit to the place where the history of our country was written, which proudly was the home to the father of our Nation, Our Bapu, Gandhiji. As you enter the Sabarmati Ashram, you witness a unique blend of several nationalist figures. You first go through the various memorials and informative showcases, portraying our freedom struggle. This finally leads to the Vessels and accessories Gandhiji used, to his famous and symbolic, “Charkha”. Each and every step makes you feel one with the patriotic struggle and forces you to visualize yourself as a part of our freedom struggle, with a series of events happening in front of your eyes, as you move from one place to the other.
  2. Adalaj Stepwell: After witnessing the political aspect of the city, lets move on to one very beautiful cultural artefact, the “Adalaj Stepwell”. In close proximity to Gandhinagar, the Adalaj stepwell was built in 1498 by Queen Rudadevi, in memory of her husband Rana Veer Singh of the Vaghela Dynasty, who on completion of the same, recited prayers and jumped into the well herself to join her husband in the afterlife. The well was integral to the nearby semi-arid regions for washing, bathing, drinking etc. The stepwell is built in Sandstone and is 5 stories deep. It is octagonal from above and its pillars are intricately carved. Indeed, it holds much historic and cultural significance to it!
  3. Hutheesing Jain Temple:  A very renowned Jain Temple in Gujarat, built in 1848, it has an affiliation to Jainism, under the deity Dharmanatha. The construction of the temple was originated by Sheth Hathisinh Kesarisinh and was subsequently completed by his wife, Shethani Harkunwar. The best thing about the construction of such a masterpiece was that it was built during a famine period in Ahmedabad, and the construction employed hundreds of skilled artisans, which provided employment and better living conditions during that period. As you step into this holy masterpiece, it reflects onto its exquisite craft on its 12 ornate strong pillars, which support the 11 deities, 6 in the basement and 5 in the three – bay row. This temple is known for its rainwater harvesting structure, a must visit!
  4. Sidi Sayyed Mosque: The mosque, popularly known as the “Siddi Sayyed ni Jali” was built in 1572-1573 AD, by Sidi Saiyyid in the retinue of Bilal Jhajar Khan of the Gujarat Sultanate. The mosque is intricately designed and is known for its ten frameworks or nets. The finely carved stone window is the Siddi Sayyed Jali, the unofficial symbol of the city of Ahmedabad. Such intricate design and perfection, so rare to be seen. If you come to Ahmedabad, do immerse yourself in immense pride and wonder, witnessing this masterpiece “jali” of the heritage city.
  5. Gujarat Science City: The pride of Gujarat and any science-lover is the famous Science City of Ahmedabad, a place completely dedicated to the amusing world of science, a home to inventions which defy the 21 century and several other attractions which increase proximity to the nature.  Covering an area of more than 107 hectares, it showcases imaginative exhibits, virtual reality activity corners, and live demonstrations such that they are easily understandable. For all the budding enthusiasts, Science City is a home to 3D Imax theatre, musical dancing fountain, energy park, simulation rides, talking robots and many more wonders. Science City indeed deserves a day of yours!
  6. Calico Museum of Textiles: Welcome to India’s premier textile- based museum, under the aegis of the Sarabhai Foundation. The museum is indeed a witness to the roots of our textile heritage and gives valor to our rich clothing past. Along with textiles, this is a fantastic collection of South Indian Bronzes, Vaishnava picchavais, Jain art and miniature paintings in “The Retreat”. The displays have a blend of old and modern designs and are light weighted and flexible. It offers a seamless matrix of colors with the objects being in extreme proximity to the viewers and the formality of something special than the others is completely scrapped out.
  7. Shaking Minarets: One of the most unique wonders of Ahmedabad are the shaking minarets. The two towers are believed to be the part of a mosque that was constructed in 1452 by Sidi Bashir, a slave of Sultan Ahmed Shah, the founder of Ahmedabad in 1426. They represent an unsolved enigma. The two minarets are at a height of about 100 feet and consist of three floors with carved balconies. When we place our hand on the inner wall of the minaret, the minaret starts shaking such that the other minaret also shakes but the passage connecting them does not. The Minarets offer a mystery that hasn’t been solved by anyone till date.

Hence, these monuments are just a few out of the many Ahmedabad has to offer, but believe me, an elaborate visit to the monuments stated above would give you a wonderful taste of the culture of our heritage city, mixed with all flavors and spices. We love our city Ahmedabad and welcome all of you to come and witness the glory of a city as rich as it! “AAVJO”!

By Aryan Paresh Thoria


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