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Watching Television has become an essential leisure time activity now-a-days. Enthusiastic and curious, people watch to know what will happen the next. A wide range of channels run on TV_ ranging from TV shows, serials, cartoons and movies to other episodes run by other broadcasting companies like advertisements; however, many people like to watch movies on Sundays or any other holiday because it takes less time and also may have some theme in the end.Which is considered a good movie? An engaging movie not only grabs the viewer`s attention but also is appreciated by all if it has some good theme, wonderful plots, brilliant characters,etc. A good movie grabs the attention of Public and also portrays some values, some ethics and some teachings in life. This type of movie is generally liked by the Public that connects to them and touches their heart. Some people, while travelling, want to watch movies, but they have to watch in their smart phones. Finding the sites that provide free movies to download is a tiring job because one needs to be well-researched before publishing the same.

Most people, who watch TV, especially like to watch movies on it. The commercial advertisements make a movie popular. Also, some people go to the cinema, give money, and then watch movies. This is just wastage of money as this money could be used to help the poor and the needy. Now, moving on to what are the ways to watch and download movies for free? First and the foremost, there are 2 ways to watch movies on phones: Paying and then watching and watching for free; however, many people want to watch movies for free. From rushy sites to blogs to forums, there is no shortage of places on the internet where you can download free movies without paying. But what if you want todownload movies for free and that too legally

That is much more strenuous but not impossible.

What are the different Free Movie Download Sites to watch movies? A well-organized series of free download sites is what liked by all. Let’s have a look at the best free movie download sites in 2021.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is an American digital library with the stated mission of “universal access to all knowledge”, and In addition, it provides free public access to collections of digitized materials, including websites like moving images and many other facilities like software applications/games, millions of books music, movies/videos.

The Internet Archive has been on a mission to preserve our digital culture for future generations since 1996 when it was launched and it provides free access to massive collections of digitalized content, including movies.

The section, Called Moving Image Archive of the Internet Archive, contains digital movies uploaded by Archive users. A variety of movies are available ranging from classic full-length films to daily alternative news broadcasts to cartoons and concerts. Most of the movies in Moving Image Archive can be downloaded for free, either directly from the site or via a torrent file. Moving Image Archive typically offers movies in several different file sizes and formats, so you will not find it difficult to play the movies you download from there on any device—from your smartphone to your HDTV.


It provides free access to collections of digitized materials: including websites, software applications/games, music, movies/videos, moving images and millions of books. Also, in addition to its archiving function, the Archive is an activist organization, advocating a free and open Internet everywhere.

Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents, as its name suggests, is a website where you can find movies that are in the public domain and download them via torrent; moreover, hundreds and hundreds of timeless classics can be found under animation, drama, comedy, horror, musicals, sci-fi and many other categories. At times, when downloading a movie takes too long, Public Domain Torrents, currently, has 82 movies that you can watch online without downloading.


With the help of public domain torrents, you can download movies, games, songs, software, and books for free.

All-purpose Public Domain Torrents

  • Internet ArchiveFeature,which is an all-purpose website with content available on books, audios, videos, and images. …
  • Also has the option of Legit Torrents. …
  • There is also option of Frost Click.


YouTube is an international service that allows you to share videos with others on the Internet and helps to gain popularity, and Its headquarters are in the United States, California State, San Bruno is located in the city.


  • Millions of people around the globe visit the site to learn more about a topic everyday.
  • They find YouTube content when Google-searching a question or stream, and thn, the YouTube video which we watch gets embedded on another brand’s website without coming to our kind information.
  • It offers many movies for free, but some of the movies are paid also.
  • On Youtube, you can get a lot of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Pakistan, etc.


YouTube may be most famous for 10-minute long videos produced by independent content creators, but in the option of video sharing, the video-sharing site is also a treasure trove full of full-length movies, documentaries and TV shows ;however, the only problem is that YouTube doesnot allow its users to download content for offline playback in some movies. Nevertheless, people have also shown some ways to watch free movies online.


When we talk about the Indian audience, Netflix and Amazon prime videos are the best sources of movie streaming, especially in India. The paid options are widely used across masses and ages; however, if you are looking for a free HD movie direct download, then Hotstar can be an excellent option to consider. 

Hotstar has a separate section dedicated to popular Hindi movies like Raid, Bodyguard and many more, and the list is endless. Additionally,when it comes to easy navigation tools, you can search for your favorite movie in no time. Let’s have a look at the features of HOTSTAR.


Along with Disney+ Hotstar VIP, users also get access to the following:

  • Live Sports: Including Dream11 IPL, IPL 2021, EPL, Formula 1 & more which will make you astounding, and then, you may crave for more
  • In addition, there is also 7 Multiplex blockbusters.
  • Exclusive Hotstar SpecialsDisney+: Shows, Movies & Kids content (dubbed) Star serials before TV, which are fascinating and intriguing.

Watch TCM

A popular way to watch free movies on TV in the US is with the help of a cable subscription. Further, there are many movie studies and streaming players who have collaborated with cable networks to offer access to an amazing collection of movies on the web.

In fact, out of all such free offerings, Turner Classic Movies’ TCM features the best collection of movies, which is called Watch TCM, and this service lets you watch an unlimited number of free movies with either a cable or satellite package.

Furthermore, what makes TCM even better is the availability of dedicated apps for Android, iOS, Apple TV, etc, which are exhilarating because the service also contains articles, information about artists, short movies and lists of movie recommendations.

What we like the most about Watch TCM?

  • It can be coupled with cable TV subscription
  • We can watch classics across different platforms


The best feature of watch TCM is IN-DEPTH MOVIE INFORMATION AND CONTENT on every title playing on TCM right at your fingertips: 

  1. Feature Length Articles
  2. Cast & Crew
  3. Stunning Image Galleries
  4.  Background Information
  5. Complete Synopsis And More


Open Culture offers high-quality videos from all across the world as it is a home to free movies, free online courses and free language lessons. Founded in 2006 and is based in Mountain View, California, it has 6 main sections: Movies, Online courses, Language lessons, e-Books, Textbooks, Audiobooks. Apart from movies, we can also use Open Culture to download audiobooks, watch online courses, learn languages, find textbooks and many more. If you are ravenous for knowledge, Open Culture is guaranteed to provide you with something to munch on.


What we like the most about OpenCulture?

  • It has a special award-winning collection of Andrei Tarkovsky and Charlie Chaplin movies
  • Online courses, podcasts, ebooks and audio books are also available in a wide range

This website curates free movies, independent films, TV shows and stand-up comedy video. Additionally, the website hosts free movies ranging from cult classics and short films to documentaries and comedy movies.


Vimeo may not be as large as YouTube, but it is the place to enjoy independent movies from creators around the world. What has attracted so many film-makers to Vimeo and what makes it popular is the platform’s supportive community and a large selection of high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in HD and 4K with no ads.


Unlike YouTube Where offline download is not available, Vimeo allows its users to download content directly from the site by clicking on the Download button below each video.


Owned by Screen Media Ventures, this free movie streaming website is the website offers lots of public domain movies and original content.  Then, we can also use this website to view content on any type of device without spending a single penny.


  • First of all, the website hosts thousands of free movies spread across multiple categories like drama, action, comedy, horror, etc.
  • Here, we will also get many free TV shows and full National Geographic series catalog.


FREE CLASSIC MOVIES IS a one-man project devoted to the early years of cinematography. Also, the site is essentially a curated selection of movies from the end of the 19th century to the second half of the 20th century, and you can browse the site by date, look for a particular actor or actress, or use the search feature to look up a movie by keywords.


  • One can watch many free movies on this site.
  • This site can be browsed by date, particular actress or actor, etc


Crackle is a great website for free movies online. Then, it is owned by Sony, so naturally, you get lots of movies to watch. For watching, you need to signup, create a watchlist, and then, you will be shown recommendations based on your priorities.


What should we like about Crackle?

  • It has more than 100 fully legal movies for free streaming
  • Also, it is handy for easy viewing


As we can see, there are numerous ways to download movies for free and do so without breaking any laws. In fact, It is true that public domain movies can be found also on general-purpose torrent trackers such as The Pirate Bay. But by using such trackers, you risk downloading content that is not legal. The site we have listed should host only movies that you can legally download without paying, so sticking to them is your safest option.

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