To My Perfect Father


The first man I have seen after my birth is you,

Loving me as the cold wind that blew.

You are a precious gift to me from God above,

Nothing in this world can match your love.

Your knowledge and wisdom has paved my way,

A long life for you is what I always pray.

I may not tell or show you how important you are,

But I can guarantee that in my universe you are the only shining star.

You always pay attention to what I say,

You have guided me as a shining ray.

You have given me the confidence to carry on,

Even at times all hope is gone.

Only you supported me at times when I was sad,

Teaching me lessons that made me glad.

You always stood by me in my ups and downs,

In all of my achievements you deserve the crowns.

I know I have not given you enough moments of joy,

But I promise that one day you will proudly call me as your boy.

I wish I can make you feel happy and proud one day,

Because I love you so much that I can never portray . 




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