Tips In Practically Design Your Living Room Before Moving

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Whatever your style is, your new living room should be your place of comfort and relaxation after a long tiring day. It’s the best spot where you can rest and spend some quality time with yourself, family, and friends. That said, it’s then important to get your living space designed before the moving day for ultimate comfort and convenience.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, here are a few essential tips in practically designing your living room before you move.

  1. Use the right furniture

Decorating your new living room  for the first time doesn’t have to be too expensive. You don’t need to buy new pieces of Living room furniture  just to make your new place feel brand new. If you want a practical way of using furniture as a designing idea, take a look at the existing pieces you own and figure out if they work for your space. By going through your possessions, you’ll have the opportunity to know what’s essential for you.

If you want to hold onto an old loveseat of yours, hire experienced movers near me to help you transport the item safely to your new home. Make sure the furniture pieces you decide to keep is a natural fit for the room.

  1. Decide on a color palette

It’s given that colors can set the tone of your living room. That said, try to choose colors that you love seeing each day. If you’re looking for shades with a calming effect, picking blue and green can be a perfect choice. If you want your space to feel and look vibrant, choose orange, yellow, or red. However, for bright neutral accents, you can go for gray, tan, or white. If you decide to display an essential art piece, consider the primary colors of the item when selecting a color palette that compliments well with your living room.

  1. Get the right lighting

When it comes to practical ways of designing a new living space, lighting should also come as a priority. Under these circumstances, you can take advantage of natural light or incorporate some additional lighting fixtures to brighten up the room. If you want an abundant source of natural light, open your windows or use a thin curtain to let the light come in. However, you can also consider a combination of light sources such as accent and task lighting that can help blend with your décor theme.

  1. Add a focal point

Highlight an accent piece to catch people’s attention. This focal point can be anything that stands out from other walls. It can be your favorite art piece, a family portrait or a gallery of memorable photos in your life.

Moreover, you can also incorporate a different accessory that separates from the rest of your living room décor. For example, if you want your existing antique painting to be your accent piece in your new living room, be sure to transport the item in a safe manner. By this, there’s no need for you to buy an expensive wall art just to have a focal point.

  1. Go green

Another practical way of designing your living room before you move in is by adding some low-maintenance plants around the area. It’s common knowledge that plants don’t only add value to your home’s overall appearance, but they can also bring warmth and coziness onto space. Having greens in the living room is one way of making letting nature come in and making the entire house eco-friendly.

  1. Paint your walls white

Keeping walls and floors white can brighten up the living space. This can also make a large artwork more eye-catching and appealing. If you get your walls painted with white, then you can display anything you want to accessorize the place at a lower cost.


Aside from the usual moving tasks, designing your new living room before the move should also be your priority. By keeping these home décor tips, you can transform an empty living room into a beautiful and comfortable one for sure. Just take a look at the space and begin planning your room’s interiors before relocating with the help of moving companies NYC.


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