The use of online assessment software in the organization


Today, the large organizations are hiring the best candidates who are highly proficient. They recruiters do not focus upon their years of experience or the degrees completed, but their overall aptitude. They want to test their actual IQ level. The best organizations, not only access the intelligence level of the students, but also their overall attitude. So, the candidates with positive thinking and intelligence can contribute to the organization meaningfully. The online assessment software is used to test different factors of the candidates. It is software that helps to screen candidates with ease and cater organizational needs.

What does the assessment tool assess?

The assessment tool is used to conduct aptitude test of the candidates so that they can measure their cognitive ability. The organizations assess their overall aptitude so that they can intelligently perform the specified tasks. This tool tests their overall reasoning and problem-solving skills to successfully complete the tasks. The candidates should employ their several skills to perform any task. The tool is used to measure the overall cognitive ability.

Abstract reasoning

It is used to measure two types of intelligence of human beings namely fluid reasoning and crystallized reasoning. The fluid reasoning is the ability of the candidate to perceive information in a new situation. So, it includes abstract reasoning, spatial reasoning and visual reasoning. Abstract reasoning refers to the ability to understand sequence or pattern of objects or numbers. It is a type of reasoning that accesses his ability to think laterally. They should be able to identify the novel problems and establish logical connection between them. The persons who possess strong abstract reasoning can resolve any problem successfully using their creative ideas. Such candidates can easily build new skills and process information effectively. So, MTAR nonverbal test is conducted to measure the reasoning ability of the candidate. So, the candidates should use their logical rules to progress the sequence and they should effectively use the geometric shapes.

Abstract reasoning

The candidate’s spatial reasoning power is also tested. Spatial intelligence measures the visualization abilities of the candidates to utilize the two-dimensional and three-dimensional images using different patterns and designs. Such candidates are quickly able to analyze the work in a complex setting. It also measures how accurately a candidate can visualize the shapes and patterns. The candidates with great spatial skills can effectively utilize the solid shapes also.

Visual reasoning

It measures how quickly the candidate can process visual information or understanding the complex designs or patterns. It also measures the visual memory of the candidate. So, the candidates should study factors such as shapes, rotation of shapes, combining various shapes, viewing 3-dimensional shapes, etc. They also effectively use the solid shapes in various dimensions.

2. Crystallized reasoning

 The online assessment software is also used to test the ability of the candidate to process information. The organizations also test the ability of the candidate to process information. It is the ability of the candidate to retrieve the given information. So, they test different types of skills of candidates such as language and comprehension, critical reasoning and logical reasoning, decision-making and judgment, and problem-solving. The candidates with good verbal ability can easily express their ideas and thoughts clearly and lucidly. They can use proper words, grasp the aspects of grammar properly and communicate in a clear manner. This aptitude test is also used to measure the linguistic ability of a candidate. Such candidates can communicate the messages in a clear manner. This reasoning also tests the critical and logical reasoning skills of the candidates. The candidates with strong reasoning skills can effectively use logical steps to find solution to the problem using the piece of information. Such candidates can easily infer from what is the truth. Such candidates can use consistent approach to conclude. So, these candidates can also easily structure the problems properly, analyze the situation and find a solution to the problem. They can use effective strategies to find solutions to the problem. So, these people can easily become managers of any organization. They can easily identify the problem, analyze the situation and then find solutions to the given problem. If they are not able to find effective solution to the problem, then they can even find alternative solutions.

Psychometric tests

Many organizations are conducting psychometric tests to the students to understand the psychology of the candidates. They want to understand their personality and behavior in the workplace. The candidate should be able to handle any odd situation of the business and accept challenges. The psychometric test is used to measure the key personality aspects. They can understand the behavior and personality of an individual. They access four aspects of their personality namely motivation and values, cognitive ability, dark traits and positive traits.

Positive traits

These are the traits that affect different factors in the organization such as the cultural fitment, motivational factors and their ability to respond to training. The candidate should possess some qualities to benefit the organization such as determination, perseverance, openness, extraversion, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and agreeableness. So, these traits reveal if the candidate can accept new ideas and adapt to the new situations of the business. The candidate should readily accept the innovative ideas of the other candidates in the organization.

Dark traits

The candidates should not possess certain traits such as jealousy, prejudice, fear, hatred, etc because they deter the progress of the organization. Such candidates can easily create conflicts over frivolous situations and also not able to resolve any conflicts.

Motivation and preferences

Using this tool, they can also understand the factors that motivate an individual. It also measures their degree of motivations so that they can work effectively at work. It measures the three major needs of an individual such as relatedness needs, sustainability needs and growth needs. So, it measures the needs of the candidates such as security, recognition, and their urge to grow or advance in the field.

This tool also tests in the level of a candidate in a particular domain also. They access their critical competencies for winning the team. It also conducts the coding tests of an individual and hence it simplifies the process of technical training.


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