The uniqueness of Seremban


Seremban is a beautiful and unique place, which belongs to a more natural environment.  Seremban, also known as Seremban City, is a town located in southern Malaysia, located in the capital of Seremban and Seremban County.  Seremban is also my hometown.

 As a major city-Seremban, it brings a lot of local scenery. Seremban Lake Garden lakeside leisure park is worth visiting.  If you travel to Negeri Sembilan you will find a lot of nature.  The park here is beautiful, with green plants everywhere and fresh air.  Here we can do a lot of activities, such as we can take a walk, picnic, or ride a bicycle.  This park can experience the life of Seremban people.

 In addition, we can also find food in Seremban.  For example, Seremban is best known as Empyar Seremban Siew Pow.  In addition to being famous here, there are many things on sale!  The buns are delicious and delicious.  There are also local products, as well as big fried snacks and seafood restaurants. They are quite complete.

 Restoran Yi Poh has an air-conditioned room. In this comfortable place, there are delicious food. In addition to the signature mouse powder, there are other noodles such as Hakka noodles, Iraqi noodles, and wonton noodles.  Diners can order whatever they like.  My aunt’s mouse powder is mainly made from sesame powder, and then dried. It is very chewy noodles, with ingredients: barbecued pork, minced meat and a little green onion, drizzled with sauce, the more you eat, the more powerful you will be.

 Seremban Seafood Village.This Seremban Crab Seafood Village is the restaurant that originally invented the Seremban Crab, which has a history of more than 30 years.  The sauce for the hibiscus crab is the soy sauce specially prepared by the boss. The flavor is very fragrant. This special stir-fry method is only available in Negeri Sembilan!  The crabs are huge and even the crab claws look huge!  If you think the Seremban crab is relatively dry, when you eat it, you can order the owner’s homemade chili sauce, which is sour and spicy, to make the seafood taste even better!  As soon as you dig it, it is full of crab meat.

 You can also watch Jelita Ostrich Farm in Seremban. Here you can have a close contact with the huge ostrich and enjoy the fun of watching ostriches.  Activities we can do include riding ostriches, feeding ostriches, watching wonderful ostrich shows, and visitors can increase their awareness of ostriches.  Of course, there is no shortage of ostrich food here, such as ostrich satay and eggs.  It’s also a good place for sightseeing.

 In addition, when I come to Negeri Sembilan, I can walk to the seaside is Port Dickson.  One of the most popular beaches is Blue Lagoon, with its white sandy beaches and blue waters.  If you want to play water sports, you can’t miss the Peace Garden. In addition to providing cheap accommodation, it also has a campsite and barbecue area, so you can have a delicious barbecue meal after playing water activities.  You can also arrange a variety of exciting activities in Port Dickson, including boating, canoeing and other water sports.  The most lively season in Port Dickson is every August, because the events are very lively, there will be a grand “Port Dickson Carnival”.  This annual happy season often hosts water sports performances or competitions, cultural performances and more.  Water activities: sailing to sea, canoeing, surfing and water skiing.  Both adults and children are welcome to come here to play, a place suitable for everyone to have fun.  Landside activities such as go-kart, ATV, quad bike, paint ball, horse riding, archery, etc.

Seremban is really a place that has left me many memories.  My childhood was in Seremban.  I really like this place, because it has places to eat, drink and play.  Great for anyone sightseeing.  Seremban is a very ordinary place, but it is full of warmth and happiness.

 Finally, I hope you all come to visit Seremban!  Welcome everyone to travel to Negeri Sembilan!

Author: Tang Mei Chee, Rantau,Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


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