The ship that never sinks

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I boarded it when I was three,

And  until I grew as such a big tree,

With me was thee,

Always as my problems’ key


Gave me your shoulders to lean,

As a special person you have been,

In between pollution you made my life green,

You are the best people I have ever seen.


You never got me ensnared by anyone,

There is no replacement by someone,

In your place will you be?

The only one until the last day of my glee?


Your smile is the sum of my math,

Your tears are the science of my wrath,

You in sorrow is the lyrics of my wail,

And I can always come behind you holding

your tail.


I can keep admiring you all day,

It just gets me gay,

Upon my side if you lay,

You can be the cup and me the tray,

Which never lets you fall anyway.


You are my joyness,

Girls and Boys,

You are more explainable than my words afterall,

God has gifted me you all,

And I will never afford you for anything and everything…….

~♡ Keerthana M S


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