The problem of Female foeticide in India: reasons and ways to curb it


India is a traditional and orthodox country where people restrict themselves with many beliefs. In India most of the families believe that a girl is a burden to the family and spending money on her will push them into financial problems. Though, these thoughts have changed in most parts of the country, but still this is being found in some rural parts and uneducated families. However, in these days each and every family is showing interest in making their daughter educated in the same way as their son. Many families started treating sons and daughters equally without much difference.

What is female foeticide?

Female foeticide means killing the female foetus in the mother womb only, before they see the world. Female foeticide is a illegal practice which is being done through abortion. This illegal practice is probably due to the force from the parents, in-laws and husband. It is for the reason of having son, in the family as a girl child is considered as a burden to the family. Female foeticide is a crime and it is necessary to stop this and save the life of a girl and it is the real development of the country.

Steps to curb female foeticide in India

Female foeticide is a serious problem in India and it is necessary to avoid this situation. It is possible only by taking some actions legally as well as changing the thoughts of the people. Especially there is a need in rural parts for f India, where still people think that only a boy child can keep their parents happy and always a girl is a burden. In order to change their thoughts, social awareness among them is necessary regarding this problem. There are many social organisations and NGO’s are working hard to avoid this situation and let the girl live in the world. Some of the things that can solve the issue are:

  • Even though at present in most of the hospital’s revealing the gender of the foetus in ultrasound scan is considered crime, still it is being done in villages and some hospital’s.
  • Law need to take action against them very seriously and this will definitely bring a change and at least people stop checking out the gender.
  • Doctors need to be very strict and abide themselves to the law before aborting a foetus in mother’s womb, those ever does they need to be strictly imprisoned for few years.
  • The second important thing is that government of India should bring out more programs such as ‘ BetiBachavo’.
  • It is also necessary for the Indian government to provide some funds and also help in educating a girl child on her birth. This can also help in saving girls instead of killing them.
  • Whenever a female foeticide case is seen serious steps need to be taken by the government legally, so that there will be no other case seen in our country.

The above mentioned are only some of the points that help in curbing the female foeticide from India and parents feel that girl is not a burden to the family.


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