5 Golden Tips to Increase Efficiency in JEE Main CBT Exam With Practice


Practice to improve efficiency is a well-renowned fact. You can increase your speed and achieve higher accuracy in any domain if you practice the given task. The same is applicable in the case of JEE Main, one of the most prestigious engineering examinations in India. JEE Main is being conducted in the online mode, i.e. CBT mode by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Hence, with an increasing number of aspirants appearing in JEE Main along with the increasing difficulty of the exam, the need for practice in preparing for the JEE Main exam is gaining more importance.

Before we go through the tips, it is critical that we understand the pattern and the skills required to ace the JEE Main exam with a 300+ score. As per the latest JEE Main exam pattern, it is necessary that every JEE Main aspirant should focus on increasing the precision and speed of answering the questions in the real exam. It is impossible to score good marks without gaining this expertise in the subject. Only by acquiring these skills, you can build your test-taking skills.

CareerOrbits is sharing the top five exam preparation tips to boost your score by helping you boost your efficiency and precision in the JEE Main exam.

  1. Familiarise yourself with the of JEE Main syllabus–Firstand the foremost step for JEE Main aspirants is to familiarize themselves with the syllabus and understand which topics will be covered in the JEE Main exam and the overlap with the board or NCERT syllabus.
  2. Prepare strong fundamentals–JEE Main syllabus is quite difficult, and you need to build a strong base and ensure that your fundamentals are clear. So, you need to work on strengthening the basics for each of the topics in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Students believe that focusing only the topics where they are good will get them good marks in the JEE exam, but you should aim to prepare the complete syllabus. Pay additional attention to the topics where you are weak and feel less confident.
  3. Practice in Online Test format–Appearing for exams online requires students to get an understanding of the additional eye and neck movement that is required to stay focused in the actual JEE Main exam. You need to prepare for the online exam right from the beginning and should spend more time in preparing in the computer-based environment to increase efficiency for the final exam. You should aim to practice at least 250-300 questions every single day if you wish to score well in the JEE Main exam.
  4. Clear your doubts on each question–If you wish to become an expert on a topic, you are required to spend a good amount of time in understanding where you made mistakes while attempting the questions. If you spend 15-20 minutes on clearing doubts on a single question, you will not be able to prepare smartly and will spend a good amount of time in searching for the right answer.There are online courses available on the internet which provide concept-based mock tests with just in time learning and doubt clearance notes. There are some excellent JEE Main preparation courses from CareerOrbits that help you prepare online and provide you complete doubt clearance on each of the questions that you practice from. These JEE Main test series have a good practice question bank along with the chapter tests, part syllabus tests as well as full-length mock tests.
  5. Focus on your weaker areas–Identifyyour weaker areas by practicing questions based on each concept once you have a clear understanding of the fundamentals. This JEE Main preparation course provides repeated practice via the three-step revision lists so that you can prepare the questions repeatedly from the weaker topics. Many of the JEE Main aspirants find it the best as it helps them strengthen their weaker areas.

Once you are able to develop the test-taking skills and improve the accuracy and speed of solving the question, you will be able to crack the JEE Main exam. This way, you will be able to score more and clear the JEE Main cut off.


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