The Fragile Empire – Chapter 2

By: Karuppiah Saravanapperumal

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It was yet another bright morning and the Faunan City was as usual busy and bustling as ever.  It  was a very interesting city which was a juxtaposition of high rise commercial offices, simple and excellent schools , luxurious and multi-floor bungalows, simple terrace houses.

Moreover, in Faunan City, human beings and various types of animals such as birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles could be spotted busy cleaning or managing their houses or getting out of their houses and getting into their own private vehicles such as car and motorbike, boarding the various types of public transport such as buses, both private and public ZNBC-(Zaizomba National Bus Corporation) electromagnetic buses and also the electromagnetic trains to their schools, offices and various other destinations.

In addition to this, there was the usual GUEST HOTEL adorning the middle of the city which was constructed and started by the emperor due to the reason that he considered it as his duty as an emperor who has to take care of his people, both the inter-national guests and intranational guest such as  poor and middle class people who often had to migrate to the city due to various reasons such as poverty and family situation etc and thus land in the cities such as the Faunan City unexpectedly without arrangements for proper stay and accommodation.

So, hotels such as these were constructed in all of the cities in Zaizomba with different types of rooms at affordable rates to these classes of people to help them to settle down in the cities more comfortably and also to better acclimatise to the environment of the cities better.

In the GUEST HOTEL in Faunan City, both tired and weary rural and middle class people and animals could be eagerly spotted going in and out of the hotel, booking rooms and also the staff of the hotel eagerly and briskly performing their daily duties and activities such as attending to the guests, cleaning the rooms and other types of house-keeping services.

Thus, in this guest hotel, as Manickam The Bear, a simple and energetic bear with beautiful blue eyes was as usual going to the various rooms in the hotel and was cleaning the rooms and making them neat and ready for the guests who had gone out to the city or had intimated to the hotel management that they wanted their rooms to be cleaned.

As he was cleaning the room which was dirty as people had left their bedsheets and other things in the room dirty and crumpled, he was frowning to himself, “Our emperor is so great to build these hotels for these villagers and middle class people so that it would be very useful for them while migrating from the villages and other cities and other people who come to Faunan City from other countries and planets across the galaxy as a means of low cost and good accommodation. “

“However, but they do not keep their rooms neat and it is so much of work for me to make them neat and proper again! Aahh! My Goodness! So much of bedsheets, sofas and sofa covers to be made clean again! So much of work in this floor itself and again I will have to the third floor next. Then it is the same cleaning work again! My Goodness! I wonder what will lay in store for me then! Oh my God!” as he continued cleaning the room.

While he was cleaning one of the beds in the room, he had suddenly jumbled upon a very small and black bag along with some small papers which bore the symbol of a hammer and an axe on top of them.

Feeling very surprised finding these papers with the symbol, Manickam wondered, “Why is this symbol inscribed on the top of these papers?

What might have been written in them? I think that the guests who are staying in this room might have forgotten and left them behind. I must keep it safely, hand over it to the reception and ask them to return to the concerned people once they return to the room!” as he picked them up.

Then after a while, he had left from the room after cleaning it. After some hours, when he had finished all of his work, he came down to the reception, informed one of the receptionists about what he had found and told her to hand over this to the guests once they had returned to the room and left. She also nodded and told that she will hand over the papers and the bag to them.

After Manickam had left, the receptionist took the bag and the papers and when she was about to place them inside the drawer so that she can hand over them to the concerned guests once they have arrived, she had accidentally let go of the papers and they had strewn all over the ground.

Cursing herself about why was she so careless, she bent down and started to gather and take all of them so that she could place them inside the drawer. Then suddenly she happened to chance by what was written on some of the papers and when she had read what was written in those papers, she became very shocked. Thinking that she should read them again to make sure that what was written in those papers was true, she again gathered those papers and read them carefully, line by line and phrase by phrase.

However, after that her shock and disbelief had been confirmed and it had even been doubled and accompanied by fear and uncertainty after the reading of the papers the second time. She almost let out a huge shock but she somehow controlled it after a huge struggle so as not to make anyone panicked or scared, she immediately gathered all of the papers, read the remaining of them and put them inside the bag.

After informing and somehow managing her other co-staff at the reception desk that she had to go immediately to see the manager for a very important reason, she took the bag and the papers, checked if all of the papers were there and then rushed to the elevator. Then she started to wait for the elevator by biting her fingers and fidgeting in tension. She also started worrying and when the elevator came and opened a bit, she immediately jumped into it like a very hunger tiger was waiting for its prey and pressed the floor of her destination.

While the lift was moving upwards, the receptionist’s heart starting beating very fast and she was very scared when thoughts of the papers flashed through the mind, “Oh my goodness! How can they plot such a huge thing against the nation and the Emperor? My fingers still shiver after reading those papers! I must immediately meet the manager and inform him about these papers and request him to immediately hand over these papers to the Emperor so that he  will be informed about this conspiracy. Then our emperor and nation will be saved! Oh God! Only you should save our emperor Vijayasekaran and our lift!”, she prayed silently.

To be continued…

By: Karuppiah Saravanapperumal

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