The Dynamic Tower

By Malyatha Sadagopan

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Architecture. One of the most classical arts in the world. From this form of art, many masterpieces of the world have been born. From the Harappan civilization era to today’s impressive floating Apple store, the art of architecture has evolved, along with humans. We have a strong liking for very striking architectural pieces. Once the projects are done, it may seem that the building was very easy to build. However, that is not the case. It is extremely difficult to do this work and sometimes quite dangerous too, especially if you are building apartments. We don’t understand the difficulty, because we are not building it. Nowadays, buildings are very common. It’s not a surprise to find skyscrapers at every corner we turn. However, art has its ways of improving itself. In 2009, the construction of the world’s first skyscraper with independently rotating floors was announced.

Dynamic Tower

The Dynamic Tower or the Da Vinci Tower or the Dynamic Architecture building is a proposed 420m tall skyscraper that is designed by David Fisher. When one sees a picture of this tower it may appear to have an unusual shape. However, that is not the case. The Dynamic Tower is similar to the world’s first spinning skyscraper, the Suite Vollard – except one small thing – each one of the tower’s floors rotates independently.

Situated in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, the Dynamic tower has 80 floors. Each floor is specially designed to rotate at a maximum speed of 6m per minute. A full rotation would be done in 180 minutes. Each one will be powered by their own High Wind Turbines. This tower has been carefully designed. When all the floors are rotatinsg, the Dynamic tower is changing its shape every minute. At night, it will also have special light effects which look beautiful.

The Dynamic tower is to be the world’ first prefabricated tower. Fisher said that the prefabricated Portions of the tower would reduce the company’s cost and workers. He assured everyone that the workers would be working in factories under safe conditions.

This building is designed to not experience motion sickness during the continuous rotation of this tower. This tower is going to give off a gentle and subtle rotation which can be very pleasing. The view out of the windows will also change every minute. It will be a good place for sightseeing as it has a wonderful view. 

It is a known fact that this skyscraper is going to be powered by electricity. The entire tower is proposed to be powered by wind turbines and Solar panels. Enough surplus electricity should be produced to power five other similar sized buildings in the vicinity. Lots of systems are going to be needed. So, the primary thought of the people who are going to be living in this tower will be this “Is the Dynamic tower safe? What will happen if it rotates very fast?” Well, people need not worry, because, according to many architectural experts, the dynamic tower will have a very strong and safe security system, which just cannot be hacked.

This tall skyscraper will be Dubai’s proudness. It has been defined as a ‘new era of architecture’.  Even though there are many impressive buildings in the world, The Dynamic Tower will take the cake.

Many people often wonder why this tower was named the ‘Dynamic tower’. Well, here is my reason for that: The word ‘Dynamic’ means a system characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. So, you can imagine why this name suited this tower! It will never be still and will have a constant buzz in it. It will have a very busy aura that will hang about it.

The cost for building this tower was projected to be AED1.2 billion or USD 330 million. Woah!! Imagine the money! This money is enough to support poor people around the world for over a month!

One main fact about this skyscraper is that looking at it, one can never tell if the Dynamic tower’s construction is complete. Originally, this tower’s construction was supposed to be done by the year 2030. In 2008, Fisher said that he expected the skyscraper to be completed in 2010. In 2009, Fisher said construction would be complete in late 2011. It was expected to be complete by Dubai Expo 2020. However, now, in 2021, the skyscraper is not yet constructed. Currently, we do not know when the construction will begin or complete. But, we can’t wait to see it, that’s for sure.

Fisher did not reveal the location of the building. He said that he wanted to keep it as a surprise. Though, we still do not know how he will manage to hide the construction of this near-impossible structure. Perhaps, so many high rise buildings are in Dubai, that it was normal for them to ignore the construction? So, can you imagine the surprise of the residents living in Dubai when the Dynamic Tower will be open?

What exactly is the Dynamic tower? Well, the Dynamic tower is going to be a very luxurious hotel! Imagine living in Dubai’s most amazing building all the while gently rotating in the tower and getting beyond 5-star service! It is a dream hotel for anyone!  But, a piece of recent news claimed that the Dynamic Tower is going to be a Hotel and an apartment complex. Next to the Burj Khalifa, the Dynamic Tower is to be the second-largest tower in Dubai!

Look at the pace at which our skill for architecture improves! At this rate, we will be travelling to different planets before we know where we are. We all owe a big thanks to God, for creating the Human Beings of the medieval age. If the early man did not discover these things…well, we would have still lived in huts and forest, instead of living in respectable society and civilization.

We can do with taking a leaf or two from their book. Because these early men and women have had a spur on their art of architecture and created a beautiful society for us to live in. I have written this essay not only to describe the most spectacular piece of architecture, but I have also written this in form of gratitude and memory to the earliest civilization. Thank you, to our ancestors!

By Malyatha Sadagopan


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