The Bird Of Paradise

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Down the heavenly embers emerges a beautiful spirit,
So bright, for it would shame those stars; so charismatic, for it make the moon envious; so graceful, for it would make the swans drop their jaws; so enchanting, for it would make the fairy tales fade away;
A wondrous plumage of Orange and Scarlet.
With shades so fiery, for it would make the Sun forget how to shine; And flames bow their heads;
A winged messenger from the Island of the Blessed.

Dousing, Gliding, Floating in the air with majestic wings that would blanket the whole universe.
So beautiful, enchanting and charismatic thou art;
For thou have stolen the voice from my heart.

When every wish, every dream, every desires gone; when the Sun burns out and the Earth turns cold; when the goodness fades away and the evils crawl; when the world gets shrouded with darkness and there’s misery everywhere;
When there’s nothing left;
Nothing to cling on, nothing to live for,
nothing to let go; and everything’s over;

Thy body scorches with flames of immortality; recurring memories from far away; irradiating and guiding thy way, through the long, remorseful night.
Thy miseries and sorrows burn in thy flames and fall into the deep darkness of shadows and sins which has found its happenings in the long, unforgiving past.

Thou rise again from thy ashes in the hope of new beginning and a fresh start;
Reborn perfect, free from thy previous gashes.

Thou art a Phoenix; the true reincarnation of Lucifer.


Rajeswari Roy

Author Bio : Rajeswari Roy of thirteen is a fantasy and fiction lover who likes reading books, painting, watching fantasy and sci-fi movies and making DIYs.



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