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The world we are living is filled with mysteries, hopefully some are proved but some are unsolved, because the mind of God is superior to all other things in the world and to the mind of men, we are unable to explain the works of God in this earth, even the evolution is an unsolved puzzle. Though man can find  a place in moon, but he is unable to explain a small mystery in this earth. One among that is the mystery concerning the “ark of the covenant of the Lord”. It is found to be a great mystery among the Jews and the Christians even today .According to the Bible the ark of the covenant was made during the period of Moses, in the wilderness, for God to dwell in it. We can see about the existence till we come to the period of King Jeconiah , but after that we do not know what had happened unto the ark of the covenant of the Lord, certain excavations were performed and different team members undergone a major research for about 2 centuries and they had found a small clarifications about this ark of covenant of the lord, let us discuss about this in the following lines.


  The ark of covenant is also known as the “ark of the Lord” and the “ark of testimony”. It was built by Moses when the people of Israel were sojourning in the wilderness, when they had come from Egypt. In Exodus we can read that God told Moses to build a tabernacle so that He can dwell in it, therefore according to the pattern that the Lord had shown to Moses on mount Sinai , they started building a tabernacle that had three parts, namely 

                       The outer court, the holy place, the most holy place

  1. The outer court consists of a altar and a laver of brass
  2. The holy place consists of   a shewbread table and a vail.
  3. The most holy place consist the “ARK OF THE COVENANT OF THE LORD”.                                                                                             

         Thus the above mentioned ark is considered to be the most sacred for the people of Jews. It was made of pure gold and there was a mercy seat and two angels above the ark, covering the ark,  the people carried the ark to all the places they went, the priest only should carry the ark of the covenant of the Lord , it was an ordinance given by God. The people followed it strictly, to all the places they went, it was the place where the Lord will descend to speak with Moses, it consists of

  • The two tables of stone
  • Golden pot with manna
  • Aaron’s rod that budded.

            Thus it was considered to be the most sacred and important thing for the Jews, but when they erred the Lord departed from them in that ark of the Lord was stolen and it was captured by the gentiles. But king David in his reign during 1010-590 BCE he brought the ark of the covenant of the Lord to Jerusalem, and then his son Solomon reigned in his stead and he built a very great temple of God for 7 years and he placed the ark of the covenant of God in the temple, and afterwards for about 14 generations the ark of the covenant of the Lord was in Jerusalem, and after  the victory of king Nebuchadnezzar over Jerusalem, he burnt the temple of God and the ark of the covenant was found no more. This is the place where the controversies started about the ark of the covenant of the lord, before the birth of Jesus.

Scientific justifications:

                           Many started excavating the ark of the covenant of the Lord, there came many research scholars to explain about the loss of the ark of the covenant of the Lord. Let us discuss about this in the following lines:

  • One  of the scholars  claim that the ark of the covenant might be taken by Queen Of SHEBA. She came to visit king Solomon during 1559 BC  to see about his wisdom, riches and the glory of his kingdom, it is also  written in the Bible, archaeologists claims that Solomon might have given the ark of the covenant to Queen of SHEBA, because the ways of Solomon became very awkward before the Lord during his later days.
  • Another claim was the ark was hidden under the temple of Jerusalem, when the Babylonian king Nebuchadnazzar captured Jerusalem during the year 586 BC, he burnt the temple of God and brought all the vessels to his palace, but   about the ark of the covenant, there was not a single hint given in his biography, therefore they thought that the people might have buried it under the temple because of the fear of enemies ,but it is just an suggestion ,now in that place the Muslims had built their mosque which is the dome in Jerusalem, therefore digging a mosque for just an suggestion is inevitable.
  • Another claim was that the Babylonian empire was divided into Medes and Persia, therefore they might have destroyed it. 
  • During 70AD the great Roman empire had attacked JERUSALEM again and had burnt its walls and cities and the temple with fire, the historians think that the ark might be burnt because the ark is of pure gold.
  • Professor Finkilstein of Aviv University has given some suggestion that the ark might be present in Kirjath jearim. Because it is the place that divides the northern Judah and southern Israel. Serious of excavations are being going on because they had found a hill in that place as manmade, they thought that the ark might be hid here.
  • Another Biblical scholar  explained it from the Bible that in revelation the Lord had said that Thou shall not see my ark hereafter, it is for my glory I have kept in a place appointed.

Effect of this mystery:

This mystery had brought a great effect on Jews, because it was considered as sacred for them, till now they cannot digest about the missing of the ark and the burning of their temple by the Romans, and only a remnant of wall was left. All the Jews used to pray by hitting the wall by their forehead and crying for the Lord to give them a temple, and to find the ark, therefore the wall was known as the “WAILING WALL”. The Jews believe that one day or the other they will rebuild their temple and they will place their ark of the covenant of the Lord, therefore they started constructing new ark of the covenant of the LORD, and they had also prepared everything such as the red heifer for sacrifice and all the other things pertaining to their customs and rituals. Therefore they are praying on this wailing wall for their enemies to be avenged and also the temple of God should be built up.

Their quote includes :


The Jews still pray on every Saturday on this wailing wall, they lean on this wailing wall and cry out to God to make them build new temple and their ark to be brought up. Because this is the wall that is left out from disaster caused by Romans to Israel, now in that place the mosque is present, this wall is left for the Jews to pray.

Information about the excavation under golgatha:


                                 Many excavations are being carried out for the past 2 centuries, but one excavations  done by professor RON WAYAT is very much glorious that it cannot be comprehended to the mind Of men. A crew of Bible scholars searched in place called Golgatha-the place where Jesus was crucified, there they began to dig the mountain for about 12 years, but at one particular place they had found a hole and then they had  dugged the hole, a cave appeared, in that cave  up to our surprise there were found many pins, curtains, and a old shaggy box which was broken, upon that box there was a back stain on top of it, therefore they had taken the stain and had given to the  International microbiology-lab for testing ,they found out that it was the blood, and that too that blood had only 22  chromosomes, and that Bible scholar concluded that it was the blood of Jesus, because he was born out of a virgin, and therefore now they had placed the blood of Jesus in the museum in London, this is how they found out the blood of Jesus, but another dispute arose about the box, it was rugged and that the box was unable to open and also unable to send the uv light and the scanner, therefore it was not accepted as the ark of God by the Jews, because they hate Jesus, but Christians strongly believe that it was the ark of the covenant of the Lord, and that the ark was found beneath the place where Jesus was  crucified   and his blood was poured upon the ark, and it was the beautiful plan of God . It was believed that Nehemiah the judge might have hid the ark during the disaster in this mountain. But the Jews believe it not and they were making a serious of excavations to disprove this excavation, but it ended in a failure to them, but till now they were excavating the ark to disprove this great excavation. But the scientists had given clear explanation that the cave was found 20 ft below the crucifixion of Jesus and that the blood was poured upon the rock because we read it in Bible that the rocks rent during the death of Jesus, and thus the Christian scholars proved everything about the ark of the covenant of the LORD, but the Jews were not ready to accept it. ron wayat in his excavation proved that the ark was found under the crucifixion of JESUS and that it is the “UNEXPLAINABLE PLAN OF GOD” , but before proving everything clearly he met his death , therefore the Jews were not believing in it wholly.

                     Each and every part of the earth and holy books are filled with mysteries, but people are unable to explain it, through scientific knowledge we cannot explain them, because GOD IS THE AUTHOR OF THE MYSTERIES, instead of spending our time  in scientific explanations we can prefer HOLY books, where everything is given in detail but we need to read the holy books daily. From this we can understand that no one can comprehend the ways of GOD, the plan of GOD. For us it is our duty to accept his will and do  according to all that he commands us.


By SHIRLEY.D , 19 Years, Paravai, Madurai


  1. The story about the excavation by Ron Wyatt is a total myth. Neither has Jesus’s blood been found nor has it been analyzed. People should know that such discoveries are published in journals first, not in unverifiable webistes. The claim that Jews hate Jesus is similarly absurd, instead it is the Christians who have projected the Jewish persecution from dubious tales in the New Testament to the Jews. Finally, if you feel that there is no need to find predictive and verifiable explanations – only reading tales written in the name of a ‘God’ is enough- then you should stop using modern technology.


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