That Night

By: Aryan kasnia

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While I was walking through the silent road. I felt like something ran passed me following by the rusting of leaves. I ignored thinking that there would be a cat. As I moved further I felt like someone was walking behind me. I again ignored thinking that it’s just my illusion as no one should be there at this hour. I again heard footsteps behind me. I turned back irritated and shouted “come out now” but there was nothing except that cold breeze but there a tree which was giving me bad and creepy vibes. I felt something very weird which i never felt .Thoughts were crossing my mind about all those stories of ghost which my grandfather used to tell me. I started felling suffocated, my palms became sweaty, shivers were running down my spine. I wanted to run but my legs were not moving at all.

“Hey ! What are you doing here?” someone shouted. I sighed in relief. “Going to my home” I camly replied. “You shouldn’t be here at this time”, he stared deep into my soul. “Umm..why?” I questioned but immediately regretted it when his eyes showed a hint of anger. “You should not be here” he again repeated the same sentence. This time I didn’t questioned further agreed. “I’ll go now” I said. “If you want you can stay there” he said pointing a hut which was giving me creepy vibes. I immediately denied his proposal and ran from there. I reached my home and closed the door as fast as I could.

Next day.. I again passed from that way but to my surprise there was not hut, no tree which I saw yesterday. The leaves were scattered on there road yesterday…. there was not a single sign of them now. What was that? Just my illusion? Or that I should be afraid of ? I questioned myself and decided to tell my Friends about it. My friends were all surprised when I told them about the incident happened to me… One of my friend told me that there is a tale which says that a man died on the road in an accident…. it is said that his soul is wandering there.

By: Aryan kasnia

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