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Among the various ways ahead to lead a happier life, being a teetotaller or the way of teetotalism is also one. It is important in the sense that, if intoxication is the pathway to anarchy in an individual’s life, then, at the same time, teetotalism is certainly the way ahead to a healthy and decent life. In other words, among the various good habits that mankind ought to possess, being a teetotaller is the most pivotal. Teetotalism, should be considered as the gateway to a happy life by dint of total abstinence of any form of intoxicating drinks or substances. Thus, teetotalism can certainly be considered as the negation or a big “no ” to all forms of, in all its forms and manifestations of intoxication. In this way, teetotalism can certainly be considered as one of the good habits or, in other words, a treasure to possess by an individual in his/her life.

                   Here, is a brief description of the various nitty grittiest relating to teetotalism and how, being a teetotaller or adhering to teetotalism affects human being’s life in a positive way:  –

  1. Teetotalism- a habit to nurture with from childhood: –

                       Childhood is the stage of life in which if any habit is formed it gets aligned to one’s character till his/her old-age. The same fact applies to teetotalism, Teetotalism or abstinence in life from any forms of intoxicating drinks or drugs should be adhered to from one’s childhood. Childhood and adolescence are the periods which are marked by imitation. Thus, what we see is what we believe in this stage of life. Therefore, a child should be encouraged to imitate and imbibe those habits which promote teetotalism in his/her life. In this regard, his/ her near and dear ones including his/her family members have a great role to play. In this way, the values which a child is imbibed to in his childhood and adolescence period he adhered to, for a life-long period. So does the same yardstick apply for the habit of teetotalism. The guiding mantra in this behalf for these children is to ‘look before you leap’ in their life.

  1. Teetotalism – Parents are the best guide

                       It is rightly said that “as you sow so, shall you reap”. Therefore, in the light of this fact, if parents can show higher standards of being a teetotaller to their child/children so does, it is certain that the child/children in the form of their sons/daughters would stick to total abstinence from any intoxicating drinks or drugs. Thus, parents have a large bearing in promoting the habit of teetotalism to their wards. In this way, parents in the long run in the lives of their wards has a large bearing in adorning their wards to the habit of teetotalism. The saying ‘as you sow so, shall you reap’ is perfectly applicable in the lives of the parents-wards duo in promoting or adorning themselves as a teetotaller. When the sons or daughters will see the habit of teetotalism in their parents they too, will certainly imitate them in the long run in their personal life too.

  1. Teetotalism –an all-encompassing phenomenon as to ponder about

                                       What does teetotalism encompass under its ambit? The habit of being teetotaller should include total abstinence of any form of intoxicating drinks or drugs. It should thus be an all-encompassing phenomenon. All encompassing in the sense that, it brings under its paradigm a total withdrawal of any intoxicating drinks or drugs. In other words, teetotalism should be the habit of each and every individual of the society in bringing about a sea change as to the total approach of the society’s life in a wholesome way. This process of adhering to teetotalism should bring under its ambit one and all of the society and thereby bring about a total variance in the outlook of it towards their lives. This will certainly help a society in bringing in positivity in every stratum of their lives. In this way, teetotalism and its adherence in the true sense of the term can certainly be the gateway to a happy life.

  1. Teetotalism– how it affects a family’s budget?

                                  The habit of being a teetotaller has a great influence on a family’s budget too. It affects in a positive way the budget of a family in cost-cutting in addictive substances and thereby leading to a positive influence in a family’s budget. The lesser the consumption of intoxicating drinks or drugs in a society the more are the chances of saving in a positive manner in other avenues of life. Therefore, the expenses saved on intoxicating drinks or drugs can be used in a constructive manner in other affairs of life. These affairs of life will certainly be the positive and constructive aspects of life. Thus, the money saved by being a teetotaller by the members of the society will certainly have a positive impact on the society itself. An impact which will take the society itself to a path of harmonious development. A development marked by positivity, positivity and positivity all around.  

  1. Teetotalism— a way ahead to an anarchy free society

                             It can be rightly said that, where there is probity in thoughts, deeds and action there is little scope for anarchy, chaos and disorder. As probity leads to purity in thoughts, so does teetotalism. Teetotalism is the way ahead to a society full of good deeds. As a result, it will lead us to a harmonious development and grooming of the society. A society due to little disorder and chaos leads to an overall upliftment of all the sections of it. A society of teetotallers is certainly a society which will have the ability to promote among all the members its equal opportunities of growth due to the abstinence of intoxication and the resultant socio-economic upliftment of the society. A socio-economic development where there is less scope for chaos and anarchy and more for societal upliftment. This will certainly lead to a society or in other words, a society will thus emerge which will be free from chaos and disorder in the long run.

  1. Teetotalism—in adhering to it lies our country’s future

                           The habit of teetotalism has a large bearing on the overall development of a country. The habit of being a teetotaller can certainly lead to a new dimension to a country’s future by adding positive aspects to its future. By adopting teetotalism by the common masses of the country they will have more and more avenues for the socio-economic development of theirs. So does teetotalism have the capacity to add on to the socio-economic development of a country. This will add on to more economic ramifications for a country. The habit of teetotalism will certainly add on to a country’s future by shining itself in the near future in the comity of nations. This will add a new dimension to its overall growth and development in the times to come.

  1. Teetotalism- touch me if you can phenomenon

                         Here a pertinent question arises— What should be the approach towards life of a teetotaller?  This approach can be described by the fact of touch me if you can phenomenon. What is meant by it is that, a teetotaller must remain conscious of the fact that he/she remains akin or aloof from the addictive phenomenon. In other words, a teetotaller must remain untouched by any addictive substances and thus make his grip firmer in his/her habit of teetotalism. In this way, being a teetotaller will be a life for one and all and resultantly a vibrant society will thus be the order of the day for a particular nation or a group of nations. Therefore, in this way teetotalism has more to do with civic sense and one’s social habits towards drugs and addictive substances.CONCLUSION: – All in all, the pathway a nation adopts in its daily life has more to do with its approach towards their lives as well as towards their approach of forming habits. The habit of teetotalism is more important not only, from the sense of a healthy life but also, it has a large bearing that a nation forms for itself in the comity of nations. Thus, teetotalism must be considered as the cornerstone of a nation’s health habits that it forms for itself.  Being a teetotaller and being a conscious and enlightened citizen of a country must be considered as an inseparable part of its history, culture and overall heritage of it. This fact forms the very lynchpin around which our national habit as a national of a great country like India very much relies upon. Come, let we Indian’s build for ourselves a bright future by adopting teetotalism by one and all.



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