Sunda Strait Tsunami | MEGA Indonesia Tsunami 22 Dec 2018

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A sudden or slow accident which caused naturally or artificially and cause a lot of damage to life and  property.Today I would tell about a massive tsunami which struck the country which host the  asian games 2018 and profiled a great earth quake recently named Indonesia.

The tsunami caused  Indonesia is not a general tsunami. Generally the tsunami is held by a great earth quake at the womb of ocean but this tsunami  caused by the eruption of volcano  anak krakatau in sunda strait which located between the islands Java and Sumatra.

The eruption melt the rocks and by the shake of volcano and eruption the land slides moved rapidly into the ocean and disturb the ocean and cause a little scale earth quake and hit as a big tsunami on 22 December 2018.

As the tsunami occurred in a short period of time the time is not enough for metrological and national rescue force to every the people the sensors present at sea coast not alarmed the people as it is not an usual tsunami and the machines are not serviced regularly so we need to work on some technologies which are efficient in detecting the disaster even in a small period of time and some technologies should be developed on awareness on these situations where there is no time to alarm like here there should be keen watch on the volcanoes and even some mountains  which may cause a great demand as in the above situation

These need to be observed and need to take safety measures as there is a signal like smoke on the volcano the city must me very alert as it is near to Pacific ring of fire. The technologies should be develop which enables us to know the movement of plate techtonics.

As a result of the eruption of volcano and the weak awareness of people makes nearly 450 people to die and nearly 800 people are injured and nearly 150 people are missing by the strike of this tsunami. We need to establish ham radios and telephone lines which help the rescue teams in communication in time of rescue.

The cyclone uprooted hundreds of houses and hundreds of the trees and make a great damage to the economy of the country which effects the country economical balance.

Now we are using some satellite technology to predict natural disaster as we can’t  stop it we need to have some more efficient satellite which can detect and send the information very quickly.

The present satellite in space can detect the disturbance in ocean but we need a satellite which can detect the cause of disaster and which can alert the police very quickly. As these are days of Christmas the people who live in other places also came to their home town the people of Indonesia are very joyfully and happy and waiting for the festival of christians  named Christmas and the people are very interested to have a rocky night as in the days if Christmas. One accident which tuned my heart in the tsunami is the people are happy and some was enjoying the music in the night a rock band playing their music at a beach the tsunami suddenly struck the stage of concert and in this situation the rock band and people who came to listen and enjoy the music are injured and unfortunately some people died in this situation this incident make me to cry. There are so many incidents happen in islands Java and sumatra.

The people are very scared by sending that tsunami and the people ran to big buildings and the government has make arrangements to supply the food and water to the victims of the tsunami.The people in Indonesia have suffered a lot by the hit of this tsunami.The government initiate the rescue programmes immediately and help the people to overcome the Worse situation in Indonesia.

The exist telecommunication technology like face book whatsapp and gmail are some instruments which help us in disasters but in some worse situations they don’t work s use of ham radio must be done. I hope we can have some better technology and be prepared for the disaster and hope the people of Indonesia will recover and make the country as in before .Let hope the best would happen.

By this we can draw a conclusion that we should be alert in every situation and the people must be aware of every incident the people must be  in safety regards if they are in coastal area there must safety kit in every house let hope this situation not arise again in Indonesia or any other country.

The government should take responsibility of building their homes back and be careful in the volcano eruption as it still upcoming so they should be alert as another tsunami may hit them and kill so many and make their economy more poorer so the next time they should be very carefully that if another tsunami strike the Indonesia that they should clear that no human will die in that tsunami.

We should not be negligent in any movement, if we are in above situation with negligence we washed out by this major tsunami we must know the situation ecologically and metrological department should have an eye on these deadly volcanoes if the metrological department have observed this terror before even we can save the lives of some people.

The deaths are increasing in the world due to natural disaster the disasters are frequent in so many areas there are so many disaster happening around us in this world as this tsunami in Indonesia, Forest fires in California and floods in Kerala. And these disasters make so many to die and loss property and cattle and the crop or agricultural produce

We need to very strong in time of disasters and face them with ease and using some technologies I hope the countries will recover soon after any disasters with the technologies we have now

         Hope the best ……….     Help the victims of disaster       …



AUTHOR BIOMANIDEEP ALAPATI, 14 YERAS STUDENT FROM INDIA. A participant of Monthly Essay Competition, December, 2019 organized by #Monomousumi.




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