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The foundation of this topic started from the conversation of my father. They always forcefully told me to the selection of the word, it should make you more responsible or not. Everything happened in our life with selection of word. Individually word does nothing; it works with your inner feeling vibration, tone of speaking to other. One of the bestselling book How to Win Friends and Influence people by Honorary Dale Carnegie says that the secret of influencing to people talk on their own favour. Realise that the feeling your want to the better for him (your friends or your infronters).

It is based on the wordiological analysis. The new word made by me with combining of three words as that word, technology and analysis. One basic thing, all of us know that reading questions to more times it gives you the answer automatically.

Similarly, we can apply this on word, we got this result. We represent it below. It is more essential to understand better rather than memorizing things as it is. We did not oppose of memorizing things but understanding is must.

Real Understanding:

Today is the electronic world, which creates a virtual life around our life style. It has own pros and cons. The virtual world created by the tireless human effort with its consciousness for giving the better life. It solves our problem.

At this technological advancement carefulness must also be required in all kind of online Activity, which was performed by only one finger. It’s a more beneficial or worse; depends on its selection.

According to human resource management selection is the negative process out of the available resources.

Power of Understanding is the much higher power than the others. By this intention, intelligence must be required. Although, it does speak-able throughout the plan, to stand under the concept is called understanding, this makes the things much easier than the intelligence.

In case of intelligence and understanding, an effort must be required for both temperaments, which is possible come outside to your comfort zone. This kind of task must be accessible by the awareness of mind, for all incident happened in society at national and international level of media for the betterment of world for peace. His Holiness Dalai Lama says that “Everything possible in the peace”.

Here is the word called it “WORLD”. After skipping these four alphabetical letters from the WORLD. That shows in italics as w, o, r and d. The meaning of “L” is Light.The making of this world is possible with Light, Energy and Matter. In spiritual aspects, we can say that Light has constituted by, Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost. Without this the existence of the universe is not possible. The pre-existence of the universe there was dark according to modern physics. After removing the L from the WORLD letter in italics, it makes the new bunch of alphabets called it WORD. A WORD, which is the behaviour creator of human being. Behind the behavior of any People, a hidden intention assisted under it, automatically. On these scenario, it would existed under the two different editions of consciousness, recognized it as a conditionally first and unconditionally second. It applicable on the both situations.

  The doing of your work conditionally is your formal work and remaining unconditionally from the  informal behaviour. According to your conditional work there is an expectation in return from the side of you.

Accurate performance with perfection must be required in your work place. The perfection and performance is a psychological scissors. It cuts the humanness. This kind of circumstances of behavior built by understanding of word through mind.

The Real understanding is the tool to make a real sense of meaning, which connects to you with your heart. And heart is the better decision maker for every human.Here is a question arises from mind, how to utilize and justify that how should we use our one and only heart and head correctly. Most of the people may confuse on about that. Althrough, Let us discuss some the of word which creates real understanding to your heart:

How the MOTHER word made by word makers, it is given below:



























Figure1: first alphabetical relation

During the tossing of the cricket match both captains of the team, standing infront to each other on the ground for deciding the who played first. In similar way the life begs with the two human being. First alphabetical letter as a captain.  For making the word MOTHER and FATHER. There are cross exchanging must be essential.

The F letter combine with AUTHOR and M combines with OTHER. Here U indicates that the universality all in one but in case of making the father word a male human has created their own world of order oriented. No other makes practices of tolerance with the effort. The effort is existed in absence of comfort zone. People around there own world creator obeys their order with respect to their supreme regards as a god. But, itself there is no god.

Importance of W-human:

i.     SAD

ii. HEAD

In this above two line, first one SAD, second one HEAD. In this both word two alphabetical letter are same. Remaining three alphabetical letters is same i.e. S, H and E remaining three. Above mentioned rearrange this alphabetical letter in new order called it “SHE”. This new word belongs to woman or girl human in this planet earth. I renamed it with new recognition for the society W-human.

The third gender also come to our society accept it with our society, newly called it T-human from transgender.

Synonymous of SHE is female. According to our science group subject chemistry it is iron its atomic indication is Fe. The atomic number is 26, Atomic mass or weight is 55.85,  iron is the metal in the 8th transition element (d-block) in the periodic table. In figure it shows:

Combined meaning of this synthesis is that, “it gives the strength to other, who is anyone; no particular things or human exchange the place of limitedlessness almighty.”

In the medical term the indication to use for male Y and for female X. Why they prefer these kind of symbol.

Y is started from one peak and end with two down peaks, but in case of

X is started from two different directions and ended with another two peaks.

Question: What does it mean? What kind of message to convey with us?

Answer: W-human, we can call it bio-transponder of human life. In case of satellite, it receives the signal and sent it to different location on the earth from one to another port. Three satellites cover whole earth around with 1200 on each equinox. And the Hindi or English alphabetical letters made the one holy symbol called it AUM or OM or

S. No.

Understandable terms




Beauty on emptiness 

Nothing kept mind

It is true that without this cannot do anything. It gives you the feeling of “AS IT IS”. In the festival of light, All of us knows that clean to our home before celebrating it.  One of the Buddhist bestselling book “God is Nothingness”. Actually it is nothing which creates something out of nothing. Here is no authority.

Attaching from anything it has lost to your emptiness. It keeps you calm. Not against any kind of physical achievement but serve it to almighty first.


I Am or AIM

It is shortest sentence of English language or purpose.

This creates the attraction toward the space in-between the alphabetical letter. A little space between I and AM means that retains the existence of human being on planet earth. And second if we kept it in-between A and M means a purpose a gal which touches to soul. Create a love for it, that a paramount importance of this incredible word called it AIM. It also gives a real message about the ego.

The 9th alphabetical letter is “I”. let us

take a example for understanding it more clearly why the people exiled meaning that ego is bad it should be excluded from your attitude. It’s a part of it. The lighten candle explains it better to clear it further. The lighten candle having a dark circumference. It is a particular diameter. So upon this peripheral analysis we can say everything fair at level of limitedness.

This limitedness makes the people as

a Human. A Common Human.


Goal is your Soul

The pronunciation of these both words is same. The third alphabetical is same from this both word as goal and soul.

In the every time conceive the existence of your goal feel it from your heart that is the direction to love your goal and achieve your success through that path. With te fellow of truth. Honorary J. Krishnamurti says that Truth is pathless land. 







Five different words that conveys a message to us. Only one alphabetical letter has changed from it.

Here, L= light, B= bright,  H= height,  C= conscious pit ,  N= nuts of time. 

The height of the light depends on the

intensity of light.  It identifies from far distance recognize from the eyes. In similar way, height of your will, it should be measured how crowd of people get benefitted from you. More baggages create a hassle for your travel, quickly you get tired and that travel spurs you. This was not fair.

Here the meaning of light nothing it

holds with itself. Low traveling baggage makes your travel hassle free. In similar way, select only one target for own self at a time causes one is more lucky than any other number of mathematical 




Holy origin to use it properly.



Recognition of attitude

Thinking made our attitude, we act accordingly.



Group of people

Bunch of more than one talent to do something new for the society at the new level.



  1. Recognition of pressure,
  2. Trees of shyness

At the fair level it is fair in the workplace but it crosses the limit of fairness, careness, shareness that is the root of crime. It’s a entry gate, the dark guest entered without a legal pass.



AT +

Place of existance




Travel in universe

+ DE


And Destiny

All of us have a human being that we live in the society. Wherever we or you are or anyone there is a certain place jumbled with people around you.

Time is a main border line all of us,

come under this frame of motion to universe including all the mythological god.

Knowingly or unknowingly we

revolve with the planet earth on its own axis and around the sun.

All of us are having their own desire

or destiny for completing this orbit of enlightenment. Whatever action you do it all under this enlightenment. The Law of Attraction works under it.



  1. Recognition of sensitiveness
  2. Eternal motion

No one capable to use it as the part of life. No judgmental force must be required for the creation of cognition in mind. It is eternal. Feel  it or not, choices is, on  the human.



Selection of best

The meaning of best is the rest on beingness in each and every thing in life. Full awakening in which face the less hazards on the accessible track. Decision is the précis in its nature.



Activation of plan

It is absence of comfort zone. Let’s take an example for further clearance, A glass of water kept on the table. We shall thrust for taking few drops of water, but in our mind not to try to pick up the glass of water. Shouting to the glass which it was not to come automatically to our mouth. It is not possible my friend. Blinking the eyes is also a work to sustain the life.



Accept your rare talent

It is the in-built gift of god especially to you. No one took birth giftlessly on this beautiful planet earth. All of us are unique but it takes some time to identify our real art, which being a part of the human life make it so easy.



He+ ear+ art+ high tryliness

The four big term makes a special word called it heart. All human and alive creature of nature have a heart. He means human that retain their existence on earth. Ear it creates awareness in mind whether it is wrong or right. Art discussed earlier. High tryliness means tireless practices. Resolve to your own self on your work with being one. It’s a formula that love creates this kind of situation.



Trade+ conditional

It is combination of two words. The meaning of first word business and second means for fulfilling the trade it is essential to satisfy this artificially special frame work for action.



Edition of consciousness

The whole universe created by consciousness. It’s a game. This was changing the game of life, according to time. It is so powerful. The price of book has changed from first edition to second by publisher. Similarly nature has also altered itself.



Crane of tryliness

Here, the crane is the largest iron machine with a long metal arm that is used for moving or lifting heavy objects; a simple piece of metal makes a temporal magnet if we came into contact in one direction way on the iron metal it has possible. The tryliness is the intangible crane to uplift to you from your initial stage to new and improved self, on this improved self you proud on yourself.



H+ ar+ mony

Here, the H for hand, ar comes out for this word from war and at last but not least degraded spelling of money; lose out the “e” alphabetical letter. Now the combined epic



P= pure with proof(proof means

     feeling that feels)

E= endure

R= roar (= as a noun meaning is “ to move in the direction mentioned with deep sound, using these word not supported to the destructive intent but in constructive way”)

F= failureless

E= ensure

C= cure

T= true

With true and pure with proof tolerate without complain in fair way without the violence on/by any party to alive or unlived sources that gives you a undaunted dare as a failurelessly to achieve your goal with cure the problem of society.

Come forward to all the peers, sub-peers and your subordinate which involves with you.





It is another understanding of the perfect. Why the double earlier it we discussed. In the film like Hichaki, in this film there is a true story of School St. Notker. They awarded to the brilliant student a badge of PERFECT, who obtained the 90 percentage and above marks Honorary principle sir clipped on his/her PERFECT badge. And create recognition in all over the school.

The war of achieving the perfect started from negative intention. How will we prove it that is it a negative, Because the reason is simple a word effect accent is negative. And per means every seconds of your past present and future, on which intention you concentrate or in other word you attract to it. Our subconscious mind did not justify the positive and negative, good and bad.


Negative side of the reaction or action



B= best

R= rest

I= “i”ness

G= guest

H= host

T= test

Why we discussed here to the definition of BRIGHT. Main reason is that all of us are a shining star. Brightness has hidden under countless dark and grey shades. Real understanding is the instrument to swipe it clearly from the bottom to top level.

Accept you  yourself as a best on the

background of all your existed bad habits, for few minutes rest on your breath and consider yourself as a guest on this planet earth, your arisen or unarisen will(it is not the helping verb in future tense it means wish/desire in mind) treat you as a innocent host for doing your work on the society or for the betterment of the society.

Every situation as a test but no

question papers are having the same question and answer is not also same.

Some time the situation is the same

but suggestion will be different for two different people in this planet earth.



P= programme with concentration on

      particular point as a planning

O= origin to organise

R= realise the wholesomeness in work

E= Equalise your perception to evaluate

R= root to review

Here, we discussed that the full form

of power, it shows earlier; kapt your  some master pnt of planning in the mind and feel yourself as a part of it to do this activity, on the circumference of authority, which is allotted by the higher level of management like administrative department in each and every university or colleges.

Here, realize the wholesomeness in

work, first concern is that not to talk about company’s staff. For basic understanding, Let’s take a simple example to resolve the confusion.

If my hand opposes to do any kind of

catching pulling or pushing or so many other activity. It’s necessary to make it healthy. After its healthiness the real wealth comes for you. For this statement a secret, First 40 years to invest your time for earning the money. And again next 40 years struggles for rebuilding your health which is not possible without willingness of, to do this by yourself or by the afford of others.



C= consciousness

O= original

R= rare with righteousness

E= Endeavour with endanger

Here we discuss the full form of CORE.

According to bestselling author of 

The Power of Now, Honorable Eckhert Tolle, The says that everything existed on the universe by the consciousness including making of God or universe or whole existence of life on earth or beyond it. So, consciousness is the of all negative or posive activity, but author did promote the any kind of anti social moments. Here we mention this for knowing the and clearing the learnable things through this article. All of us are human being lived in the society for satisfying their own desire or para-desire. We love the original. Nature follows this. Every human being is uncopied perspectives and gifted by nature some brilliant ability to their own. We not look at back and crying for this lackness and blame to other for this or for that.

And last point, love is the

paramount factor to do something extra-ordinary. The endeavour with endanger is two sided wings of CORE. The bestselling book Written by the Honorable Adam Grant in his book titled, ORIGINALS, wrote down in his book so much struggles should be faced by the original to retain its originality. And CORE is the synonymous of the ORIGINALS.   



Clint for perfection

The boiling point of water is 100 degree centigrade. One degree less, the water cannot boil. In similar example, Mid level of sugar and salt that make the dish tasty or degrade the taste of dish. Clint is synonyms of customer. Each sale build the big profit for sustaining the business. In similar way every clue or suggestion or point is forward step to arrive us on the platform of perfection.


Conclusion: The understanding is the basic function of all human being over world. Easily we can understand with much effort but right mentality must be essential to do this.

The understanding based on the fully awareness but knowledge based on memory. Honorary, Adi

Guru Shree Shankaracharyaji says that without memory knowledge is useless. Understanding is the foundation of learning and memorizing. Not support the memorizing like a chatur in the film of 3 idot directed Raj kamal Hirani. 

Any student obtained the 99% marks in his/her course curriculum is the good and a student who

obtained 9% marks is the bad. Who are we to justify this category of performance only in the based on ignorant numbers. Importance of number is much more is higher, but not to increased too much and create a wall in the heart of young learner a student. It should be negligible. Marks are the only record your performance. Live performance is only depends on your real understanding and connect it, from your daily routine of life, in an easy language with sweet emotion. For me, Will, Word and Emotion are much higher than the any name based or religion based god. If we respect to it we will become the human, which is most important necessity for creating the peaceful, prosperous and livable planet earth

For the establishing this kind of learning pattern in our institution certain points should be applicable:










Author Bio :  Naveen kumar Swankar , from Telipara , Bilapur ,Chhattisgarh (India). A participant fo Quaterly Creative Writing Competition (OCT_DEC, 2018).



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