Six Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Car Review

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Writers know that different briefs require different writing styles. More specifically, reviews need to hit several points across the board – no matter what industry you are writing about. Every great review should be informative, authentic, and accurate.

If you’re recently getting started as a writer in the automobile industry, or you’d simply like to refresh your existing skills, here are six things you should keep in mind when writing a car review.

Remain Objective

In order for a review to truly resonate, your writing must be objective. If not, the piece ceases to be a review and turns into sales copy instead. Companies may try to persuade you to write more favourably about their product by offering paid vacations or gifts. If you want to be an authentic writer, we recommend you politely decline these advances.

Think About Your Audience

Try to keep in mind who you are writing this specific review for. Is your intended target a car enthusiast eager to learn about every detail, or a busy parent that just needs to know the basics? Knowing who your audience is will help you massively when it comes to narrowing down information.

Create a Structure

Even if you are the best writer in the world, a review without structure is incredibly difficult and frustrating to read. We recommend you cover all major components of the vehicle through different sections, such as safety and design. Start off with an introduction and finalise your review with a paragraph that summarises your opinion.

Make a Simple Pro and Cons List

It also helps readers to have a simple pros and cons list they can gravitate towards. You should include these points throughout your writing but also include a shorter, easy-to-read, summary version as well. For example, it could have the best car battery but the worst sound system.

Compare Cars from the Same Manufacturer

It often helps readers when the writer uses cars from the same manufacturer to compare standard features. This way, the reader has a valuable point of reference they can use when envisioning the new model. For example, you could review the new tesla by comparing it to well-known features from previous models.

Give a Final Verdict 

At the end of the review, you must include a final verdict that clearly states what you think about this car. Sum up your entire experience reviewing the vehicle in a few short sentences and whether it’s a great purchase for your intended audience.

Product reviews are designed to enlighten the audience without clouding their judgement. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what you would want to know about this model if you had never heard of it before.

Without a doubt, the best way to improve your writing skills is through practice. If you’re just getting started, simply take a few cars out for a spin, and write away until your heart’s content. This will help you get familiar with the writing style that is required for reviews. 

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