Scene of my dreams

By Mubashra Ahmad

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The sizzling water of the glacier got me aroused. The breathtaking view of the purple shadowed mountains, covered with ice, was the first image captured in my mind after last night’s fight with Kiara. I tried to get up but I was wearing a strange thing and it was possibly not the outfit I was wearing before I went to sleep last night. It was looking like a blanket with a tight cocoon which had clutched me tightly .After gaining consciousness, I concentrated on the surroundings. The mountains were totally covered with ice and the dawn made mountains purple. After looking from the left side to the right I looked down. As I looked down I saw that the place where I was sitting was at the edge of a deep ditch. I freaked out and quickly got away from the edge. Because of the extreme temperature I fell down but got some energy from a protein bar which was in something like a blanket. Suddenly a sound similar to howling started echoing in the whole valley. This alarmed me again. I ran as fast I could but suddenly got astonished as a whole house fell down by an ice storm.  A big ball of ice was approaching me but abruptly I felt that someone was throwing water on me. My eyes opened and noticed that I was not in the mountains, I was in my house. My mom told me “get up at 1”. I quickly got up and got ready for university. I opened the laptop in the university library and started to find the place I saw in my dream. I was curious about it. After 7 hours of research I finally got to know about the place. It was Askole. A beautiful place located in the big mountains of Pakistan. A remote village located in the Karakorum Mountains, 3040 meters above the sea level.

I closed my bag and went back to my house. I threw my bag on the sofa and just fell on the bed. The mind was questioning again and again how I got there. Distance from London to Pakistan is 6030 km and it was covered in only one day. The echoing questions were making me tired. I shut them all and slept. Something wet dropped on my face. It smelled bad. I opened my eyes and it was a gull’s guano. I looked forward and noticed a whole different world “a beach”. It was so quiet that bird’s chirps could be heard far away. The waves were so relaxing that it kept me sleepy.  I got up from the deck chair and looked around to find a way to get out of the beach. I found a path from the woods. Walking a while I saw a highway and a market. I was just going to ask someone “where I am” and just found a board of “Watamu ” in the middle of the four direction road. The name sounds familiar so I asked a person “where I am”. The person couldn’t understand me so I acted and gestured to where I was. After a long time of understanding he understood what I am trying to say. So he said “Watamu ”. Then I realized why it sounded familiar because it’s a place’s name. They also realized that I was lost here so he took me to his house. I was afraid too because it was a stranger’s house but the hospitality of him and his family got me shocked. They treated me like I was their family member. I ate dinner with them and through the online translator we talked for a while. I talked about myself and they gave a representation of themselves and their country. The fact that made me amazed was that Lake Victoria of their country Kenya is vaster than Virginia. The moon showed and we slept but I was not afraid that I am lost. Their friendliness and hospitality made me fearless. Next day, we went to Blue Lagoon and Turtle. We ate seafood and it was amazing. Both places were beautiful, quiet, silent and relaxing. The tiredness of the day made us sleep early. Suddenly I fell down from something. I opened my eyes and I was laid in the middle of a road. I got up but I was having some breathing difficulties. In front of me, there was a big building. There was a dome in the middle of the building. The people around me were looking like Indians. For confirmation, I asked a person where I am and he said “you are in Delhi”. And the building was “Rashtrapati Bhavan ”, a government office. I walked a while and asked a shopkeeper to give me a water bottle because I was feeling thirsty. He gave me a water bottle. I sat there and drank it. Around the shop there were old and beautiful buildings, houses and shops. I was looking at the buildings while someone gave me a mask. I put it on and again started walking. I saw that every person was nice to me. I was just passing through a restaurant and I really wanted to eat something. I asked the restaurant manager for food and he said “go and sit there I’ll bring something for you”. The food he gave me was so tasty that I licked my fingers. It was something like bread and a curry of lentils. But despite this I liked the hospitality.

All the places were in my dreams but still something was real, the hospitality and I got the déjà vu in every dream because hospitality was in every country. Either the places were polluted or not, the places were liked by me because of the people. The people’s behavior makes a place beautiful.  This also clears the sentence “people living there make a house, a home”                               

By Mubashra Ahmad


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