Rampur Raza Library- The Treasure of Knowledge


There are tremendous of tourist spots that we all have heard about and are really famous as well. But some of the places are obscured even though they have a lot to explore in it. One of them is RAMPUR RAZA LIBRARY: A masterpiece and a treasure house of knowledge.

Raza library is located in Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh. It was established around in last decades of 18th century. Built by the successive Nawabs of Rampur, this masterpiece has a rare collection of valuable manuscripts, historical documents, specimens of Islamic calligraphy, miniature paintings, astronomical instruments and rare illustrated works in Persian and Arabic. This library also contain printed works in Sanskrit, Urdu, Hindi, Pashto, Tamil and Turkish and around 30,000 printed books in various other languages.

Made under the orders of Nawab Faizullah Khan, Raza library is one of the largest library in Asia. The building not only amaze people by it’s beauty but also surprise them by the content kept in it. It tells us that the knowledge was always the best weapon in the world. Many grains of wisdom are hidden in this beautiful masterpiece.

This is a true example that even in the early times knowledge was never taken for granted. We Indians have always given knowledge the priority. This masterpiece is the symbol of knowledge and creativity. The beautifully carved library is a treasure house of knowledge of various subjects. It really amazeus by it’s beautiful designs and books in it.

The library is beautifully carved by the Urdu calligraphy. This historical building signifies that humans have always been in love with the writings and books and have preserved them as one of the valuables. Humans have always been attached with the books and thus Raza Library is one of the example of love towards writings and books even in that era.

When one enters the library, he can feel that nawabi vibes. The building is magnificent and unparalleled repository of cultural heritage. The building itself is a creative piece of art. It has a royal look and one can also see how the royals used to live at that time through the pictures and arts and the structure of the building of the library.

 The insides of library show us how disciplinary the books and manuscripts were kept at that times. The art works and manuscripts of different languages were kept separately. There are large spaces which are believed to be the reading rooms for the readers.

It is a kind of historic museum too, as apart from books and documents, it has several antique pieces and artworks of that era. One can imagine the lifestyle of the nawabs of that era easily as they see paintings and read the stories and books. This complete masterpiece is now opened for visitors to visit and have a look at the disciplines and royalty of the place.

The historic era has never missed to amaze us not just by their way of living and mind but also through their hobbies and style. When we think of historic era, usually only wars and kings and their kingdom come into the picture. It is really surprising to know that even in that era, people loved to read and even learn, that too in different languages.

A library is a collection and a storehouse of information accessible to the people of the area. The more information and sources available make it more attractive and viable to call a library. Thus, Raza library was one of the great library of India of that era as it contains more than 30,000 books and other documents and manuscripts. This storehouse is now under the Govt Of India and is taken care by the government.

This historic library and museum really makes us feel that nothing is more valuable than knowledge. A person can’t be called successful without having any knowledge even if he is from a royal family. Even in the era of wars and territories, knowledge was never taken for granted. Raza library is also a symbol that writing and spreading information was a tradition from thousands of years. It is the reason that the nawabs of Rampur are still praised and remembered for this beautiful masterpiece.

Although being so amazing on its own Raza Library does not get so much fame and people hardly know about it. An amazing piece of creativity and obviously a treasure house of books, Raza Library is spectacular in every way.

Author- Hazeka Khan


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