Questions to ask your hired movers before the move take place!!!

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Relocation is the most difficult tasks in which you have to take numerous numbers of decisions in less time. No matter whether you are moving just across a street or the country, hiring movers is only the way to move smoother and safer. So, finally, you have hired the right professional movers for you after doing a lot of hard work and hassle. The moving company will make your entire move easier and more efficient. To make sure that the entire moving task is completed successfully you have to ask some important questions to the best long distance movers. Check these out: 

Ask about the steps taken by movers regarding coronavirus mitigation

These days, the Corona virus has become a big problem for all people. To keep yourself and your family safe during this pandemic, it is important to ask something movers regarding corona virus mitigation. Ask them about the steps that they have taken to prevent this contagious virus named corona. Movers should use their protective equipment to keep themselves safe. Just make sure that you ask the movers regarding the steps they have taken to prevent the spread of such a dangerous and contagious virus corona. 

What will you do if you miss the deadline?

Though movers try their best to transport the items on time but in case if they miss to send the items on time then they have to compensate the mistake they have done. That is why before the actual move starts, you should ask them that what will they do if they miss the deadline.

Ask about the driver’s contact deals from movers

At any time, there might be a need to get in touch with the driver. Make sure you ask the movers for the driver’s contact details so that you can get in touch with the driver in case if you need it. With the help of the driver’s contact details, you can track the belongings whenever you want. If by chance any plan regarding the drop-off items changes then you can also share it with the driver and the entire process remains convenient and efficient. 

Ask them about the equipment they are going to use?

Though you might have asked them about the equipment they will use during the entire moving process before you hire them but if you have not then make sure you ask them now. Usually, professional movers have a special moving van that is powered lift and that is able to transport all your items safely at the new place. It also have a side through which you can load the items easily with the curb. Some movers also have special equipment to transport the items with the complete safety at the new place.

Do they have the content insurance?

You should ask them the liability of the insurance they have provided. There are certain movers that will make you feel completely safe as they provide complete insurance coverage and the damage responsibility during the transportation will be theirs only. You just have to sit back and relax and have to enjoy your relocation. It is recommended you to understand the terms and conditions of the insurance before the actual move take place.

What do the moving quotes include or excludes?

Remember that the moving quote you have got may or may not include everything. Maybe you will get only the services that you need like the loading of belongings. Generally, a moving estimate does not include the services like the packing of the items, wrapping of the furniture items, moving the furniture items and so on. While in some moving quotes, you will get the additional services like loading and moving of the bulky and heavy items, loading of the fragile items, packing of the extra fragile items, shipping of all the items, and so on. Make sure you get to know the services offered by the movers before you move so that you don’t expect much from the movers during the moving process and you can also have a successful move ahead. 

What is the estimated date and time of arrival?

Ask about the estimated date and time of arrival from the movers so that you will be ready to receive the items from them at the destination. Though no moving company will tell you the exact time of arrival especially when it is a long-distance move, of course, you will get an idea that when the movers will be able to reach the place. 

Bottom line:

These are the several questions that you should ask your movers before the moving process starts to ensure that the entire task can be completed without any hassle. These considerations are important and if you will get the answer of these questions, you will have a hassle free and smoother move.  


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