Polarized Sunglasses: Pros and Cons

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Polarised glasses are the newest and the best version of sunglasses with unique features. The polarised lenses of these glasses help in the filtration of light and make them suitable for all conditions. Indoor or outdoor, they are flexible to use. They are specially designed for reducing the intensity of light. This variety of sunglasses come in different designs and colours. People can select the perfect glasses for them from a wide array of choices. Polarised sunglasses become the best eyewear for all weather due to their incredible features. It is one of the reasons why people prefer this eyewear over usual sunglasses. Let’s get familiar with some of the features and the perks of using polarised glasses. 

The Filtration Process

Polarised lenses are manufactured in such a way that they filter the sunlight that is incident on it. For that, a particular chemical is applied to it. The molecules of this chemical substance line up to block the light rays that pass through these polarised lenses. It functions just like a miniblind on a window works. The light passing through the openings of the blinds can only be seen. These are vertical openings; thus, only light rays that incident on the lens vertically can pass through it. So, the image one could see with polarised sunglasses is darker but clearer and detailed than usual. The images are of increased contrast, and the colour distortion is minimal. 

Reduce Eye Strain

Polarised sunglasses can reduce strain in the eyes on sunny days. This is good news to people who spend most of their time outdoors. There is a chance for people to get temporarily blind after being exposed to the bright sun. The direct hit of the glare of the sun on the glasses is irritating and dangerous too. So, sunglasses could be modified using a polarisation feature which helps to reduce the glare and thus eye strain. In the sun, these glasses provide safety and improved clarity of vision. People who wear these glasses outdoors in the bright sun for a long time do not seem tired as the eye strain is much less since the lenses reduce the glare. That is why it becomes the best option while travelling or going outdoors during extreme weather. 

When to Avoid

Though a better version of glasses for daily use, one can refrain from using polarised glasses in some instances. It is not desirable to recommend these glasses for use when one has to look at an LCD screen. It will be difficult to see images on screens like a car dashboard, ATM, cell phones, watches, etc. Sometimes they also negatively react to some tints on the windshields. So, it is better to avoid polarised glasses in dim light and while travelling at night for safety reasons.

Things to Keep in Mind

One can always feel free to talk to their eye care specialist about the merits and drawbacks of using polarised sunglasses. While getting polarized sunglasses, make sure that they are labelled as such. Even if it is marked as blocking UV rays, it won’t do. So, don’t fall for fake claims. Compared to other sunglasses, polarised ones offer more protection for one’s eyes. So, it is always good to go for it rather than other glasses.


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