Overuse Social Media Can Ruin Your Life


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp – these are some of the most common and popular terms of the current times. Using these platforms has become as common as using electrical devices, switching on and off the ceiling fan, or using the elevators. These virtual platforms have revalorized the communication process. Thanks to the various social networking sites, the world has truly become a small place. People are finding their long-lost school friends, relatives settled in other continents, and even getting job opportunities through these social media channels. These social media channels are the newest and most popular elements of communication in recent times. Naturally, the global population is making exhaustive use of these channels. So much so, that in many contexts it has been found that people have become more comfortable in their virtual societies as compared to the real ones.

Excessive usage of social media can ruin your life

A new debate has been sparked off stating that overuse of social media that ruins lives in more ways than one. This is a rather alarming claim to make, taking into account the vast usage of these virtual platforms. Let us take a closer look at some of how the overuse of social media can ruin the human psyche and lives.

Aversion for real society

A person who makes overt use of social media channels often begins to develop an aversion for their real society. Often that converse and communicate over the virtual platforms begin to lack confidence when it comes to interpersonal communication. This can affect a person’s state of mind in a rather acute manner.

A reclusive nature

Social media addicts often become quite reclusive. They are unable to communicate even with their family members. These are the people who get severe withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit this addiction.

Digital domination and exploitation

Digital domination and exploitation are one of the major problems experienced by people who make an overt usage of social media platforms. Instances, where people force their opinions down your throat and cross the line of decorum, are not very rare. Such instances can often be quite harrowing for a person and can cause much mental distress.

Misleading ideas

Through social media sites, you can come across different cultures and heritages of the world. Not all of them will be conducive to your upbringing, value systems, and beliefs. Such exposures can have a very bad influence, especially on the youth and adolescents.

Not all that you hear and see is true

The digital world is filled with misinterpretations and false impressions. It seems everybody in the digital world is happy and charming! All of this can create an acute amount of mental pressure. People often end up feeling low, unhappy, impoverished, and sad about their status in life.

Compromise on work and education

The amount of time that we spend on the virtual platforms often wastes a lot of time that could have been otherwise used in other productive work. This is a case that has been seen particularly for the students. Overindulgence in social media sites can ruin your concentration in work and studies.

Too much of anything is bad! This is something that all of us have heard of. Using social networking sites is certainly no different. Careful and responsible use of these platforms can enable you to create fast, effective, and cheap communication with people across the world. However, a lack of caution can get you dangerously addicted to these mediums.


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