Nawazuddin Siddiqui




When dreams are unaffordable, only sacrifice and courage can lead one to success. Courage to do that thing which anyone dares hardly to think about and sacrifice that thing which one love the most.

Nawazuddin siddique, a poor boy from Budhana muzaffarnagar, in state of Utter Pradesh showed enormous courage and sacrificed everything he had to achieve his dream. In spite of being known that his dreams where probably impossible, he worked hard and showed hard will and determination to achieve that thing which anyone hardly dares to dream.


Courage and strong will powers are the reflections of Nawazuddin’s life. Being from a poor family, Nawaz hardly completed his graduation from a university of Haridwar and then worked as a chemist at a petrochemical company. Unable to cope, the boy went to Delhi and worked as a watchman. He frequently started to visited theatres and plays and started to participate in them. He went to join National School of Drama and graduated from it in 1966.

With a relevant degree, Nawaz moved to Mumbai but challenges also followed him to Mumbai. He didn’t have money to pay rent. He was rejected from all studios because of his looks and dark colour. But Nawaz was not ready to accept failure. He approached NSD senior and cooked twice a day for him to stay in his home.

He made his debut with Aamir khan’s surfarosh where he got a role of terrorist. He managed to get small roles in TV serials, movies and short films which could barely earn his living.

We all know that,

“God helps those who help themselves”

Finally, Nawaz got his turning point with a contract of a movie of Anurag Kashyap, “BLACK FRIDAY”. However, he got fame from the movie “PEEPLI LIVE” where he played a role of journalist.

The year 2012 was a big break in Nawazuddin’s career with films like gangs of wasseypur doing so well in Box Office and that was when people got to identify the real potential of this wonderful actor. Nawaz didn’t look back after that and went on acting in many block-buster films and got the fame which he deserved and others desired.

In an interview, when he was asked if he ever thought of giving up, he said, “so many times I felt I was wasting my time, but the fear of failure was more than the fear of giving up.” So he went on giving his best in the thing in which he was the best.

He is truly an inspiration for not only me but for a millions of youth. Nawaz described the best example of “Where there is a will there is a way.”

From being just a backstage rejected actor to a lead actor and from being a watchman to the face of heroes, Nawazuddin is the personification of hard work, courage and sacrifice.

“Success is no accident. It is a combination of determination and devotion.”

Nawazuddin Siddique is truly a diamond from a black and dark coalfield that shined like a star.



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