My Lucky day


I woke up as other days. I collected my spectacles, my tooth brush and it’s mate tooth paste. Brushed my teeth, took shower on cold day and wrapped myself in bathroom robe. Before taking breakfast downstairs, I predict my whole using astrologer clock.

I rotated the hands of it, after several rounds, it gained its position and popped up the message of 100% in the outbox. I was frozen to my place because it was an unexpected thing happened with me in last decade. I was excited and frightened in thought to waste my time. I sat on my bed. Took pen and paper and start listing to-day things for day. I did not know what eventful things will happen with me. I put my brain on recalling the things whether if there was any special day.  My mind was wandering here and there when I found someone knocking at my window.  I removed the curtains.  The bright light of sun stroke tangent to my eyes. I shielded them with my right hand,  then I listened the harsh voice of Manalia. Her voice forced me to close my eyes with both hands because I didn’t want to allow her to spoil my day. But she ordered me to open them and I found her sitting on a aeroplane which was flying in the sky. I jumped over the ledge of my window to get a more closer view. She was still in the air, and I too,  but without any safety measure.  I was going to drop myself in the mouth of thorny bushes but she lifted me in her aeroplane. She was driving it and I was whistling in the air to make my friends jealous,  who might come out after calling them but the idea was postponed then because I was with Manalia, which could be a topic of joke.

Her jolly heavy cheeks were a sign of happiness. After all, she was with the most handsome boy of the school. I asked her to gave me a chance of driving it. Although, according to the situation, my question should be “Where did she get this plane?” but now it was time to enjoy. She nodded and descended the plane in the midst of trees. Every around,  there were cluster of beautiful trees and the peaceful sound of waterfall. I decided to follow the sound of waterfall before we were on the next ride. I carried Manalia with me on assurance she will not leave me alone. We both ran towards it and finally found shore of it. I increased my speed but a thorny bush punches in her knee and she fell down.  She cried. I stepped back to help her but I heard another cry from the shore shouting for help. Another girl was drowning in the river. I wanted to help both of them but I knew Manali was strong enough to help by herself. So,  I ran for the girl or I must say the princess. Her blonde hair, innocent eyes with watery glossy lips and short nose made me stuck to my place. I was adoring her beauty but when she cried a little louder, I jumped into the water to assemble her around my arms but Manalia came in between my thoughts and she saved her. I hated her so much and now it was turned to jealousy. I had read many books. Every time it was a charming prince who saved princess but never found this wicked Manalia in the stories.

I came back to the land.  She was lying unconscious and Manalia vexed. I recalled my stories in which  princess got faint,  then prince came to rescue her by blowing air from the lips contact. I didn’t want to lose this beautiful chance. I hurried towards her,  tried to remain calm down because my lips were shivering. I drew them more closer to her ignoring Manalia. I made myself ready to blew the air. No more distance than one millimetre. But suddenly,  Manalia gave pressure on her stomach and all the sweet water spilt out at my face from her mouth.

Then she gave a tight hug to me as I was sitting in front of him. I blinked my right eye, wishing thanks to Manalia. She was the only one who carried me here.

I asked the girl to join us on our ride. She happily agreed. We all were driving high in the sky. She sat before me and after my driver, Manalia. I am helping her to have a look of the roof of my friends but suddenly a pole came in amid of our ride and we all crashed to the ground.This woken me up and I realised “That was a dream”.  I did not want to ends this dream but it was necessary because how in real can a child drive a toy airplane and how an astrologer clock could exist?But this helped me in my homework where I was asked to complete a story. I went to school, narrated the story and everyone laughed at it except Manalia who appreciated me a lot which was a big disgust for me rather than people’s laughing.

By Sakshi Agarwal



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