National Doctor’s Day: Salute to the Doctors

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We thanks to God for what we have but ever do this for doctors or for medical staff who constantlyfighting for us in this pandemic?

God has given us a life but it’s doctors who are taking care of us and helping us to live with a longer life. So let’s come together and make this 1st July that is National Doctor’s Day,  a memorable event for them. But before celebrating it, get know everything about things day.

On July 1, Dr.Bidhan Chand Roy was born and died. He was a popular physician and did different technological advancement. He was who on whose name this day has been started. Although different countries celebrates this day on different days but India started it on July 1, 1991. This day is celebrated to mark the importance of doctors, nurses and medical agencies who work harder each day and night. Symbolically, it is represented by red carnation.

A person who qualifies exams like NEET Or other,  then getting qualified after hard dedication of four and half years and then following to the training. Oh God! That much of time and dedication to became a doctor. A doctor who not only takes part to do their job faithfully but also commits to dedicate their whole life ignoring their personal. In this, some may argue that they earn a good amount but my friend every man do this for their income but it’s doctor who do not have fixed working hours and takes danger of our health. We all know that in this pandemic,  doctors shielded us from the Covid-19 and continuing to do this. They are spending their whole day for our sake by operating the patients in the mouth of danger. While on the other hand, all scientists including biologist are giving their best efforts to make a vaccine. Every eye of each country is still upon them. They are fighting with the virus to which we are scared to deal with. While in the normal conditions, it’s us who judges the doctors in treating the patients. They spoil their personal life for the emergencies but still we spit on them. Why? Just because they are treating us.  They want our better future. For a reliable shoulder surgeons melbourne or finding any reputed surgenons for critical surgeries, one should always do through research.

Think about a situation, where you pray to God to give more Clients and income from them. On other hand, doctors pray for our health, wishing no person will visit them.Instead they advices us for the food items, list the do’s and don’t, precautions and safety measures.

There are very few who even know about this day. Everyone is engaged in their own work forgetting the world through they are surrounded. Is it not our duty to thank to the first face that we saw when we stepped into this world? So let’s come together and use this day to improve our mistake and provide them a day to celebrate their importance in our life.

Wish the doctors, nurses around you. Help them to motivate to work more. Realize them that how much they are special to us. Feel yourself lucky if they are your neighbours instead doing bizarre behaviour. Send them greetings,  handmade cards and the things that can make their day really special. If you lose a person than that’s one heart breaking but if a doctor loses his or her life, it’s hundred who gets affected. We all are connected to each other by hearts after all we all are the children of one land. So celebrate this day with the every person who acted as a doctor in your life.

At the end, I wish Happy Doctor’s Day to all the doctors, nurses and every staff member who made us feel safe and happy.

By Sakshi Agarwal


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