It all turned scary in the midst of a daily routine,

Everyone were Barrie residing in their bailey.

They had to carry their belongings to not be a Wally,

Stopping all the intermarry and going dollaly 😀

Go corona go!

Moving on with ease accepting the change was an arduous task,

With excepting the fact regarding the disease being contiguous.

Modi intercepting from the promiscuous contamination,

As we know he is consistently getting better in being adept.

Go corona go!

My heart in my mouth looking at routh disasters,

Keeping apart facts getting along brooking from the blaster,

Being smart and looking forward and constructing a raster.

Lived eating a tarte we had to unfortunately plaster our gaster.

Go corona go!

Having faith in doctors is all that matters in the end,

All the proctors had shut their chatters due to the factors.

Going in reach of scattered actors with reactors.

We wear the mask that grins and lies,

It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,

Brides us up with pride asides all the collides,

Glides into us like a monstrous plight.

Go corona go!

Celebrate yourself and sing to yourself,

What the fuck to even do, all by yourself?

Struck in the destruction of blare,

A tuck in the air sounded splendid remained a questionnaire!!

Keep reminding yourself to not lose hope,

Winding everything that comes by your phase.

Diligently putting a stop to the gaze,

By not keeping yourself in a maze.

There could be certain delays as the world lacks in pace,

Do not let the rays of misconception affect you at any case.

Go corona go!

All we had until now is discrimination in race,

But now due to space something grace has given raise.

Let’s join hands and shoo this disgrace away from our place!!

Everyone remain in a misogyny against this virus,

 Let’s campaign about this condensed retrovirus.

It’s time to let go off the panicky and being trippy for a while,

And let your sweat off the body wet offset but not a cigarette.

Do anything which makes you forget the gadget,

But play safe staying by the by your magnet.

Go corona go!

All we ask for now is the earth to recover from this game,

And stop this shame which is being mislead in being tamed.

Staying back home is not such a bad rule framed,

Stop with the quarantine named blame!

It’s for your betterment proclaimed.

Enough with the unnamed flame being reclaimed!

Go corona go!

Put an end to rona dona and watch Barcelona instead,

Arizona Verona Pamplona need to be greeted with Ilona!

Krona isn’t the key to stop apocalypse,

It’s high time you be cognizant of this, shona!

Stay asylum, stay snug,

At least until May, lay down in grey, don’t delay.

Do not say anything and just stay this way!

Free from harm, today.

Go corona go!

Stop with the boredom and start working on being productive,

An end to Fordham isn’t an end to everything.

Cells in our brain can be used constructively,

As for instance getting seductive and being reproductive goes hand in hand.

Hobbies could be emphasized in your lobbies,

Dance or doodle or make some noodles.

Give a glance to all the chances in advance,

But never step out, even if you’re pepped.

Go corona go!

Forget the irony and wholly accept it’ll be okay,

Could be slowly, until then have some ravioli and play Holi,

But stay jolly, within your coley.

No goli, but adjust with the rolly and play lowly.

People less privileged than us,

Nevertheless obviously have success but jus don’t know how to impress.

The one’s who don’t have access to information at their fingertips are in stress,

Must be assessed and given significance,

This wouldn’t happen unless we raise ourselves and get into process!!

Go corona go!




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