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 ‘O my God! There’s 60% off sale at BURBERRY…. Now I can finally buy clothes from there and feel pretty, definite and confident!’

This was something that I heard from one of my peers. The question that bothered me a lot after hearing this was ‘Is it really necessary to wear stylist jeans and heat gear T-shirts or carry an H&M handbag to feel pretty and secure? But my question is “Do these materialistic things personify beauty to u?”…Is it only when you cake your face with Chanel powder and wear a Maybelline lip-gloss that you can go for a party? Majority of people say ‘YES’ but ‘WHY’? Is confidence hidden in those bling- bling accessories and makeup or does it sprout from within yourself-feeling of importance.

“Think of a time you wore something, like a skirt or a  frock, — you wore it on and you just felt elegant. What was it that  instilled in you the essence of greatness ?” Was it your insecurity of being complimented by your peers or was it the comfort beneath the fabric that made you feel great?

Realize that what you wear makes a huge difference not just on how you’re perceived by others… but more importantly, on how you feel about yourself… and that is what comes first!

Real beauty is when you wear a smile on your face and you are confident about the way you are irrespective of how you look or the way you dress up. What people today don’t realize is that there is no name tag to look beautiful. So, what if you sport short hair or your colour is duskier than the rest of the crowd or you do not maintain zero size? Was there a philosopher’s book that dictated the rules to look perfect…? Don’t envy the lives of celebrities or models that you see on TV and magazines because you are not aware of the struggle and difficulties they face behind the screens to please the audience…. You need to realize that every feature of yours was carved by God’s own hands; it was carved into perfection and God neither errs nor commits mistakes. Find happiness in the way you look and not by leafing through a magazine filled with photoshopped photographs of models. Let your inner beauty sparkle from within your heart and your happiness dazzle from within your eyes, after all eyes are the windows to your soul. The way you are happy and confident about how you look and feel about yourself naturally, bedazzles everyone around you because you are confident about yourself and no one has the power to ruin your esteem except you. You don’t have to wear tons of makeup to look enchanting or have a perfect hourglass body. It’s absolutely okay to eat what you like and wear what you please…. after all, it’s your life…you must lead it in its completeness. The happiness you feel every day and the comfort of following your heart and not the tips of a fashion magazine is what makes you unique from others. Be proud of the way you look because you are one and there is no person in this world who looks exactly like you.

Let go of your insecurities, let go of the pain. You need to realize that you are limitless. You set your standards to people, don’t let them do it for you. The only one holding yourself back is you. You are perfect. You have the potential to reach infinite. Smile, love, laugh and don’t forget to live. Don’t let your insecurities destroy you and rule you. Live every moment to the fullest!

Author: Iman Shakeel

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