How to plan an essay writing/contest

By: Sia Aggarwal

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Essay writing is a very important skill. It is very useful. It is part of everybody’s life. Writing an essay is important for schoolwork, college applications and other parts of life. Everybody should know how to write an essay. Therefore, essay writing competitions and contests are very important. The should be conducted regularly. The can we either offline or online.

Both are fine as they have their own advantages. If they are offline it can be made sure that the essays are not plagiarized but if they are online it is much more convenient. Moreover, in online plagiarism tools can be used which makes them effective but participants can take help from parents or relatives which is not right.

Online is useful if there is any natural calamity or spread of viruses or just if the venue is far away from the participant. In online, people from all over the world can participate but in offline there are people only from nearby areas which restricts number of participants.

To plan an essay writing contest, first the posters and banner should be made. People will participate in the competition only if they know that it is happening.  The posters and banners should be put up in schools and colleges to create awareness.

The poster should contain contact number and registration details in case anybody has a query. They should also be colorful and attractive so that more and more people read them and take interest. There are many ways to advertise online such as Facebook, Instagram etc. Attractive prizes should be kept for the winners such as trophies, medals, cash prizes, books or kits which are useful for children. Many people become more excited to participate once they come to know about the prizes. This will increase the number of participants.

If the contest is offline, many arrangements must be made. First a venue has to be chosen and rented. The venue should be accessible to everybody and should be present somewhere around the center of the city. Then arrangements like an announcer, table and chairs, papers, pens have to be made. These take up a lot of time. In offline, there should be arrangements for food if it is a long event and students should be collected in one place. In online, a suitable website has to be made.

The website should have all the details like the rules, how to submit essay and more. A proper link should be provided for submission and for checking of plagiarism. The submitted essays should be accumulated in one place so that the judges can judge them easily. In both online and offline, first a list of topics should be provided to the participants from which they can choose one. Participants should be made to understand the topic. The topic should be clear and there should be no doubts regarding the topic.The word limit should be given and so should the age limit of each category.

After the essays have been submitted by the students, plans should be made by the organising committee to submit them to the judges in a coordinated manner. The judges should judge each essay properly and give marks according to that. Grammatic mistakes should reduce the marks and so should no adherence to the word limit.

It should also be checked if the essay is in accordance to the topic. If it isn’t then again, marks should be deducted. Judges should not be partial. The result planning is also very important. Once the result is decided, it should be conveyed to the participants. Especially the winners. They should get their prizes accordingly. Being aware of the result is very important.

Planning an essay writing contest is a tedious task. Not one many people can do. Conducting one regularly is important. The best example for this is the Monomousomi monthly writing contest. It is one of the best essay writing contests. It is conducting every month to encourage people to write. It has a coordinated website for the execution of the contest. I would like to give a shout out to the monthly monomousomi essay competition for conducting such an amazing contest every month.

It keeps us fresh in the art of essay writing. The topics are also ones that help us get more general knowledge. The winners also get exciting prizes. This contest is the best and helps me to improve my writing skills and nurture them. Getting to participate in this prestigious competition is an honour and I would like to thank monomousomi for conducting it.

By: Sia Aggarwal

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