Aftershokz Trekz Bone-Conduction Bluetooth Headphones- Yay or Nay?

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Are you a melomaniac sportaholic grooving to Usher as you do your crunches? Are you fed up with unplugging your earphones every time mom calls you for a chore? Do you wish there was something to let you grab your calls while washing your car? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then congratulations! The Aftershokz TrekzBone Conduction Titanium wireless headphone is a consecration in the clear. Bluetooth and wireless headphones are all the rage in the 21st century. The bone-conduction additive is indeed a luscious cherry on top. But is this innovation really full of beans? Is it really worth the penny?

What is Bone-conduction?

Before we delve into the specifics of the Aftershokz Trekz bone conduction headset, it’s mandatory to understand the utility of bone-conducting machinery. 

Ordinary headsets and earphones transmit sound vibrations along the auditory canal in the ear and stimulate the eardrum. However, bone-conducting headphones are positioned on the cheekbones of the listener. Unlike conventional noise transmitting mechanisms, the bone-conducting transducers directly pipeline intuitive sound sensations to the inner ear. Bone-conduction is an extremely viable technology that doesn’t envelop the outer ear and permits ambient noise cognition.

Aftershokz Trekz Bone-Conduction Headphones-Amazing Features

1.) Comfort at its best – The Aftershokz Trekz Bone-conduction titanium headphones offer plush and comfortable cheekbone positioning with state-of-the-art athleisure. Customized for athletes and busy-bees, this Bluetooth-driven headset is tailored for immaculacy. The sweat-proof, untappable and comfy no-hands interface is your go-to for comfort. The flexible titanium headband aids in rendering an elastic wraparound. The spellbinding durability can even mortify Nokia 3310! Moreover, the device weighs just 36 gm and its light-weightiness offers immense portability. Being IP55 certified, it is a proclaimed sweat, dust and moisture repellent. The Aftershokz Trekz is so snug and light, you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

2.) The Concert Experience- The Aftershokz Trekz delivers a surfeit of stereophonic audio content. The 4.1 Bluetooth-enabled headset permits wireless platform-independent audio streaming. Ingrained with PremiumPitch+ apportions, this headphone supports a glut of premium, optimized audio content with enriched Hi-Fidelity sounds. A built-in equalizer with lithe bass and acoustic regulations adds another feather to its cap. The OpenFit design allowing cognitive control over ambient noises and the LeakSlayer technology disabling sound leakage couple to fabricate a dynamic concert experience you could get on the go!

3.) Versatile Miscellany-The Aftershokz Trekz is a prominent name in the industry courtesy of a broad spectrum of services provided by it. The wireless headphone delivers 6+ hours of playback and calls on a single charge. The Aftershokz Trekz comes with a rechargeable Lithium battery with 240 hours of standby time. Moreover, its charging time is merely 1.5 hours! This Bluetooth earphone comes with a complimentary 2-year manufacturing warranty and a supple case as well. If you love listening to music while working out or would prefer cooking your dinner while attending a conference call, the Aftershokz Trekz titanium is your guy!

Aftershokz Trekz Bone-Conduction Headphones- Really That Amazing?

With the comfort, dual-noise cancelling, and powerful battery backup comes to a slice of disadvantages as well (and great responsibility). 

  1. Cellular damage- Many researchers believe that while the principle of bone-conduction doesn’t kindle the eardrum, the routes taken by traditional and bone-conduction headphones cross at a certain instant. This means that they still pose a viable threat to the eardrum.
  2. Cost- The most hostile feature of the Aftershokz Trekz is definitely the soaring price. Extravagant prices render these gadgets unaffordable to a large segment of the users. Moreover, due to the fact that they don’t encase the entire ear, sound quality is largely variable and many potential users prefer conventional earphones like the Apple air-pods, which offer pre-set, premium audio superiority. 

Other Specifications 


Model name: Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction

Package Name: Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Headphone

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Device type: Wireless Earphone

Device Orientation: Bone Conduction

Lifestyle: Sports, Fitness, Entertainment, Travel

Product details

Sweatproof: Yes

Water-resistant: Yes

Foldable: No

Carrier Frequency: 20 Hz- 20kHz

Controls: Play, Answer, End call, Pause, Volume

With Built-in Microphone: Yes

Connectivity features:

Bluetooth Supported: Yes

Bluetooth Specifications:4.1

Bluetooth Range: 10m

In The Box

Accessories: Additional earplugs, Charging case, Charging Cable

Documents: Warranty Card, Warranty Documents

Main Product: Earphone 1 U

 Final Verdict: Is it worth it?

If you crave a hands-free music/calling experience for reasons like working out or work, the Aftershokz Trekz is just for you. It comes enabled with a boxload of features that guarantee an amazing concert venture. Most importantly, it could be availed from leading online stores like Flipkart and Amazon for Rs 8499. If this fits within your budget, you are likely to have an awesome experience! However, bone-conduction earphones tend to give a funny fitting when you are trying them out for the first time. Hence, you are advised to visit your nearest Croma stores and try to get a hands-on experience to ascertain whether they suit you or not. The most interesting feature promised by bone-conduction is the permeability of background noises. However, if you are into noise-cancelling gadgets, bone-conduction is not for you. 

To sum it all, it all depends on the objective you have behind buying them. If you feel like all the aforementioned perks provided by the Aftershokz Trekz will get you over the moon, then don’t think twice before purchasing them!



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