My Daughter…My Diva (Poem)


End of Feb, I came to know

That you are coming.

The priceless journey began,

With tons of sweet thinking…

On March, I was so happy and agile

Always walking around with a shine.

You, my sweet lilliputian,helped me

To earn rights to enter a secret ‘Club Nine’…

On April,I tried to connect to you

Knowing that I had constant company.

Started sharing my feeling, my songs and

Hoping,you never leave me lonely….

On May,It was bit hectic

With severe health trouble.

Though,glad to think for each new day,

One step closer to assemble.

On June,your presence was felt

In all I do,

And my heart was always

Waiting for you.

On July,the tiny miracle,

Hidden within me,

Grew and developed

At an steady rate.

On August, Suddenly I felt

you are moving.

Felt your heartbeat.

Oh God, What a incredible finding!!!

On September,I cared more for you

Dogged you as you crawled

I held you tight in my arms,

Each time that you called.

On October, Twenty Eighth…

The day finally came

I hold you my lil diva,in my arms;

No brilliant ray of pouring light

from sunshine or gold,

Could match the affection,

I would behold.


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