My Buddy, Water’s Journey


The day seemed to be fine,

Thick dark clouds cuddling the shine,

Myself cozy on my couch,

Peering at the droplets sliding the sills,

Down the bushes to the bilge wells….

Droplets falling feeling the flow,

My eyes goggled steady and slow,

On the sill sticks a spider,

Myself sitting in wonder,

Whether the slider threatens the spider,

Or the spider threatens the slider…..

Sliding happily along the edges,

Few drops splashed on the rigid hedges,

Myself viewing in confusion,

Whether they regret not tasting the sweet pompons,

Or enjoy escaping the deadly scars of the prickly thorns…..

Down they run to the brawny ground,

Pampering the mud with a sloshing sound,

Myself pitying my poor chap,

I ask God whether,

They are sinners who end up in the sewage,

Or winners who end their tedious voyage…..

Here comes my hero rolling down my cheeks,

Hearing the reply from the heavenly god,

Myself admiring, frozen in awe,

He’s neither a sinner nor a winner,

A runner who runs from

Hills to wells,

Skies to seas,

Head to toes…..

There I stood embarrassed,

For making my hero feel harassed,

Myself hiding in guilt,

Not knowing whether,

To preserve him and suffer now,

Or let him free and suffer later.

But I deeply wish that,

My chap who has always been my best buddy,

Remains to be my child’s buddy as well.

Written by: Meenakshi Venkat


The poem ‘My Buddy, Water’s Journey’ claims water to be tired of its never ending journey from the skies to the rivers to the ground to the oceans and back to the skies. On a usual routine, we never realize the potentiality and value of this precious substance called water. The poet is mesmerized by the smoothness and flexibility of water and puts herself in the shoes of water and travels with it. The poet then wishes that the joy she has gained from this precious thing shall also be felt by her children as well.


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