Photo : The Conversation

Your hands were cold when they held mine,

I felt so gold when I saw you smile. But how

often the thoughts haunt me, when you’d

not be mine. So I wrapped the heart for

no one sees me crying and felt to guard

myself from the worst of time . But I wish

you could feel the spark, a little of light,

our conversations in mild candlelight,

your deep eyes that never met mine,

yet I prayed to keep you forever mine.

From the hours I knew you’ll gift me sigh,

I feel it all, I feel it tight . But never mind,

I know to rise, from deepest pains and

hurting lies, my eyes are wet, my throat is

dry but I but burn to keep my heart alright .


Author Bio : Bhavesh Tyagi, is an 18 years old from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh . He currently studies in standard 12th of Dewan Public school, where he has been designated post of Student Editor . Two of his write ups have also been published in Dainik Jagran.



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