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There has always been a frictional judging that which should be fed or heeded more, urban areas or rural areas? Why there is a debate? It is because of less struggle in downtowns and great hard work in rural areas. Few optimists have landed with the beneficial understanding that both fields must attain equal and sincere attention. Because both have people who have a right to live and spend their lives peacefully and prosperously. Both are representatives of the country and responsible for economic development. These two parties share the relation of interdependency. One is fragile and immature without others. Urban areas must have adequacy in some and insufficiency in other fields. Similarly, rural areas must have some negativity and positivity. The downtowns have made trailblazer advancements in basic fields of life whereas the suburban areas are still suffering from the availability of the scantiness of the necessities. Apart from pollution and other negativities, with the provision of basic needs, an urban crowd has acquired enough approach in progression. Creativity and idealism are the sprouts of stability and capability and have been owned greatly by city life. Rural is enriched in farming and agriculture. But to desire for production, distribution, consumption, and expansion of necessities, rural areas feel the urge for immediate betterment and evolution in shaping the lifestyle and habitat.
Rural areas need development as it is another wheel for economic progression. The following are the crucial reasons for rural development.

• Agronomy: An enrichment in agronomy with respective to inclination in crops and it’s cultivation is a desperation for rural enhancement. The struggle on good agronomy leads to the production and distribution level of the crops in the form of trade. The powerful economy is completely dependent on the strength and wealth of agronomy. Farming, a conglomeration of agriculture and horticulture, is a backbone for the economy and without it a progression of a nation is impossible.

• Necessities: The essentials for life are being faded out due to less provision and weak attention. People of rural areas can partake in big developmental projects but with the absence of basic needs, how they can prove themselves? With this negligent attitude, we may lose the real source of might and pride of the nation. Provide them their needs and they can turn the tables by going beyond. Rural development is significant because we are highly dependent on the source and quality of nourishment.
Pure and clean water is a dire need for rural improvement. The suffering of agriculture can be mitigated by the abundant catering of water. The main cause of backwardness in the suburbs is the vacancy of electricity. Farmers are willing to perform night shifts but with this lacking feature, how they can bring a change? Electricity, apart from farming, is an undeniable element to ease the problems and elevate the standard of life. People of all generations have been misfortune in terms of education. Education, the real beam, sets the tone and manner of a healthy life. Children, the future of the nation, are deliberately ignored in the educational world. Rural areas must be educationally developed so the fragrance of awareness can be smelt and the difference between a good or bad can be identified.

• Technological assistance:   Indeed the hand-made activities have made a great impact on country-life but they are very time taking activities. Knitting and embroidery have provided immense flavors of fashion and attire to urban people. This feature kindles the need for rural development. With technologies, not only time can be saved but also the level of manufacturing can be uplifted. Multiple inventions can be set up which sow the seeds of rural advancement.

• Broad-mindedness:  Another need to mature rural life is the revolution of compassion and leniency. People in rural fields should know the real joy and charm of an easy and simple life. Paying heed to their minds which are embedded with limited thoughts may develop the relation of sympathy. Without the brilliance of broad-mindedness, suburban people would never know fighting and coming over the complications. It is not being said that they are not doing best, they are, but focusing on which one is more immediate and progressive will be helpful.

Hinterlands are important to be nurtured and developed. The mentioned above reasons set the concept of the extremity of rural development. Idealistic strategies and smart policies have to be implemented effectively. What policies need to be implemented, the following features will reveal.
• Cordial and mutual ties
• Leadership
• Planning of infrastructure
• Removal of drawbacks
• Innovation
• Rejuvenation of minds
• Mechanical Revolution
• Investments of both time and finance

Effective policies, listed above, can bring a constructive and productive change in the rural areas. The thing that matters the most is the way or manner to carry out these steps.

• Fraternal behavior and developing mutual links and ties are the roots of ripening. To incline the ladder of success, cordial dialogues play an important role in the endorsement of projects and various programs. A mutual understanding between two parties works as a pillar of reinforcement of resources. Making connections and contacts through fulfilling the needs of rural people proves to be an effective way of implementation.

• The leadership quality is the fueling factor in administrating a particular area. This is the chief policy and can be carried out by appointing the supervisor who can avoid harm and act as an arm for rural people. He or she must lead them to amelioration and betterment by educating minds and souls. People and fulfilling their rights are responsibilities for the governor or ruler. By abandoning racism and nepotism rural and urban population must be considered as one body which should be abided by fair treatment.

• An infrastructure can be planned by analyzing the importance of absent resources. Rural areas have sanitary and health issues. An overcoming is possible when the steps of building public toilets and hospitals will be taken. This step can be implemented by making reservoirs of water and constructing pharmacies.

• Another policy is to remove failures and change them into blessings. Wrong can be rectified through the reformation of the law and order in various districts. Drawbacks can be eliminated when the system of controlling criminal acts will be maintained. Realizing the severity and harshness of problems leads to the ways of solving and avoiding their eruption later in the future.

• Innovation is the smart policy and can be implemented effectively through outstanding ideas of commercialism and industrialism. Commercial assets including shops, warehouses, offices, agencies can bring an era of race and grace in rural areas. Industrialization can bring a hefty change in villages through the manufacturing of seasonal clothes and accessories. Mills of major crops can be set up to eschew the acerbity of hunger and poverty.

• The mental capacity of rural people can be rejuvenated by offering opportunities and employments. The punctual provision of labor and wages can eradicate their daily-life problems. The procrastination in supplying compensation makes their survival a big question. The balance of power, charm, luxuries, hence of everything makes the minds active and operative. Implementation can be the equal share and joy of the austere life.

• Mechanical revolution is an advanced tool of healing of ailments. Handicrafts can be revolutionized mechanically to save time and enhance quality. An inauguration of machines and automation in rural areas does not only bring an immense cultural and traditional flavor to city life but also becomes a source of enhancing vocational routes.

• Time and attention can be invested by making small organizations in various quarters which may look after the needs and the needy. Financial assistance must be given to activate all alternatives of traveling routes which are land, sea and air routes to ease the system of importation and exportation. From supplying freshwater to agriculture and making the most of the trade of merchandise, the saved amount can be utilized in making financial collaboration and in building up residential properties.
Final words:  Rural people are able and capable of doing their best for the prosperity of the nation. But dependency upon urbanization has brought the shackles of slavery and a period of cessation. Rural areas must be recovered from darkness through urban collaboration and cooperation. The steady participation by the way of interaction and communication from developed areas of the country may eliminate obstructions appear in the route of success. How dark the horse can be or how to discover the exposure of the hidden talent? These questions can only be answered with intensified curiosity and intelligent strategies. With positive intentions, the hurdles can be overcome and rural may become developed. Otherwise, with the enhancement of bottlenecks, the urban can be transformed into the developing one. The powerful countries of today have global domination because of their concern in mending the broken areas of the nation. This global guidance needs to be considered and implemented for the purpose of rectification.

Writer: Areeba Pervaiz, Karachi, Pakistan. Secured Second position (above 18 years old), in Monthly International Essay Contest, November, 2019.


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