Interview of Kamlesh Manchanda (Monomousumi Monthly Essay Writing Contest Achievers)

Monomousumi Monthly Essay Writing Contest Achievers| Kamlesh Manchanda

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Mononomosumi is an ISO certified  Edutech Platform, that brings together technology to the education sector and providing requisite support to students, writers and school administrations. It is awarded with various accolades such as “Best Education & Technology Platform — India, 2020”, Best creative Website. Shiksha Bharti Award etc. and featured in various reputed media houses. Monomousumi has been successfully conducting international writing contests for several years since May 2018 with thousands of participants nationally and internationally.

Here we are introducing interview series of the winners of different writing contests organized by us.

Please intoduce yourself in brief

I am living in India, presently in Gurugram City of Haryana State. I am retired Manager from Punjab National Bank. I love writing and reading. I like spiritual and religious articles the most.

What are your prominent achievements?

Won a number of prizes for essay writing, poem writing and story writing, while in service. Also received Best Athlete Award and also in Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball and Hand Ball.

When did you participated in the monomousumi writing contest and what was your rank?

In April,2022, Third prize and in March,2022 other highly marked entries.

What is your weakest point and how do you overcome it?

I think I believe in action rather than speech, whereas people who speak more, are considered forward.

Who is your idol and why?

Mr.APJ Abdul Kalam. He was also a silent but hard worker and a laurel. He worked hard to make India a developed nation and served till his breath. He is my idol because he dedicated his entire life to the country and its people especially school children.

Which inspires you the most why you would like to emulate them?

As already said, Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam is my inspiration. His words dream transform into thought and thoughts create action inspire me a lot. He said three people can bring a real change in society, student, mother, teacher and he was among them.

What keeps you motivated in your life?

Peace of mind. To try my luck and do my best in all fields. Helping others also give happiness and satisfaction to my life.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now and what is your ultimate goal?

As now I am leading retired life, after 5 years, I would like to see myself quite fit and my ultimate goal is to give awareness of yoga and spirituality to all in my circle. Good and nutritious diet and peace of mind are, essential elements of one’s life in this crucial age.

What is there in your wish list?


Any memory which you would like to share to the world?

While I was in service, there were three competitions organised by our Bank, poster making, essay writing and poem writing. Due to my busy schedule at home, I was on leave those days. Only four days before the last date of these competitions, I joined and I was so confused. Ultimately due to shortage of time, I dropped idea of participation. But my immediate boss motivated and asked me to participate and not to think of prize, because these competitions were of All India Level and there was no other participant from our zone. I had to work very hard and I did not sleep for two nights. However, I participated in all events and most luckily, got first prize in all the three events.

What’s one thing that make you different from your peers?

My view is always that whatever we do, do with dedication and whole heartedly. No stone should be left unturned to not only complete but to excel the job, even it may be any new job.

What are your hobbies and how do you balance your profession/studies with your hobbies? 

My hobbies are doing exercise and yoga daily. Join spiritual class and writing something. Now as I am leading retired life, my duty towards family is to take care of grandchildren. I spend my day time with grand children, but to complete my hobbies, I used to wake up early and in the night, try to spare time for writing and reading spiritual books and other books.

What are your writing tips for your peers? Do you have any advice for aspirants of writing contests?

I always try to have deep knowledge about the particular subject and then write in detail in my own and simple language so that everyone can understand the same easily. My advice will be to include your own ideas and thoughts about every subject.

What would you like to do your bit for the society?

For society, I always like to help in any way, I get a chance. To help disabled persons or senior and super senior citizens, I think it is my privilege.

How did you come across monomousumi and share your experience with this platform?

Monomousumi is a big platform and we can attain very good knowledge. I came across this site, while surfing internet and looking for various competitions, as while in service, there were a number of opportunities to participate in different competitions, but after retirement, that link was over.

Do you think participating in monomousumi contest helped you in anyway?

Yes. I again started writing and getting knowledge of different topics.

Anything other you wish to share

I think youth must come forward and show their hidden talents. All citizens must also share their views.

Your thought on “Essay

As I have already stated, that essay should be in our own and simple language. Own ideas and thoughts make essay informative and more expressive. To focus on the topic and describe about the same thoroughly can help to frame winning essay. One must have thorough and detailed knowledge of the subject. Update knowledge of the topic must be gathered before starting to write about any topic. Para wise details will more comfortably elaborate the topic

First of all, meaning of the topic for essay contest should be very clear. It is fundamentals and its coverage area i.e. the specific points, which have to be covered, should be borne in mind. Then one has to gather the updated knowledge of the particular topic. After this, one should write in own words and preferably simple language so that everybody can understand easily. Para wise description of each point make the facts clear. If any “quotes” are available based on the topic, the same should be described and it will be better, if source is also mentioned. Similarly, if any data is available for any activity based on the topic, the same can also be quoted by giving reference of source and the period of data. Pay attention to cite the references.

One should always pinpoint one’s thesis before writing. Isolate the ideas that are essential to support one’s thesis and organize them in a logical and progressive order. Initially, meaning of the topic be made very clear. Then its origin, if applicable, should be detailed. And then background of the subject matter be described, so that its history or details, to be given later on, can be easily linked with the same. Any relevant information about the meaning or any such other link about the theme be elaborated. After that, if it is related to any Act or Rules, the same be clearly defined. This is all to make background very clear, so that the further information about the topic can be easily understandable.

Drafting is the main stage of essay writing. Pay attention to both word choice and clarity. After detailed introduction of the specific topic, one can go ahead of its further development step by step. In between, own ideas and thoughts should be incorporated, if feasible. And in the end, conclusion must be given. Essay conclusions wrap up your thesis in a way that is easy for readers to digest.

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