Innovative Ways to Uplift Rural Scenario


There is no exaggeration to the fact that the Future of India lies in its rural areas. In fact, the soul of India lives in its villages. The strength of any country lies in the huts of the poor, in the villages, in the youth, in the farmers & there is a great good in returning to a landscape that has an incredible meaning in one’s life.

It’s always invigorating & stimulating to talk about rural world because of innumerable pros. Rural areas can be referred to as healthy graves as despite their sufferings & atrocities, they can give people a ray of hope &enlightenment& can teach life-lessons as well. Rural area or village is a place where one can experience peaceful atmosphere, unity, motivation, strength, authenticity & most importantly a natural & beautiful life. Now, there is no denying the fact that connectivity & development is the need of the hour whether it is in a modern corporate world or an underdeveloped rural settlement. There is also a powerful saying that-“The entire village cannot be stupid, there are smarts among the fools”. Be it health, be it education, be it the lifestyle of village people, be it the basic materialistic needs etc., all demands an immediate initiative for a noble cause of rural development. However, much work & policies have already been implemented just to take into consideration the dire need of rural upliftment. But still, there is an urgent need of rural development in the true sense for the wholesome development of the nation, in fact the entire world. There are many thought-provoking City vs Village essays that symbolize the powerfulness & aura of rural world. To make rural development a huge success elaboration, implementation, cooperation, innovation, integration etc. can help a lot in this regard. The main functionality triad must be- TO BUILD, TO IMPROVE & TO GENERATE. There is an absolute importance of rural development in some areas like literacy, land reforms, female empowerment, availability of credit, eradication of poverty, infrastructure development, enforcement of law & order & most importantly public health & sanitation. All these areas have been denting the process of development. Therefore, there is an immediate urge to focus on village development & not just urban world. Rural development is a dynamic process & it is a strategy package seeking to achieve improved rural production & productivity, greater social economic equity & aspiration & balance in social & economic development. Hence, rural upliftment is a national necessity now & has considerable importance in India. Considering the real time scenario of the nation, it is quite clear that even the urban people are not living in the happy state of mind, most of the people run after money, money is everything for them. Today, people are becoming materialistic & selfish, they are indulging in the worldly things forgetting the fact that they are mere travellers here. Death is inevitable. All have to die one day. Therefore, the main motive for raising this point is to reveal that people living in villages are more happier & prosperous than urban people inspite of having limited resources & necessities of life because they have no ill-intentions, ill-feelings, they are simple, morally strong, helping etc. So, if their development takes place, it will be good for the nation as well. But truly, above all one must be a better & respectable citizen of the society. Ultimately, the upbringing & development of rural areas will surely just add on to the development of the entire nation as a whole. There is no lack of desire, will-power, determination, patience etc. but one thing that hinders their wholesome development of their personality is the limited resources & luxuries of life.

Hence, Rural development requires holistic approach & must be anchored on the culture of the people. Natural greenery, village fairs & festivities, plant nurseries, peaceful vibes, street art, hospitality, fruit orchards, farming, all these soothens the mind & soul completely & provides immense joy & pleasure & not only pleasure, they can teach life lessons as well.

By summing up the entire context of need of rural development, it can be inferred that in this high-tech & competitive world, finding a great job, leading a good life & getting self-satisfaction & contentment is not a cakewalk or child’s play. Vast skill set, extraordinary achievements, good interpersonal skills, good leadership qualities etc. are the essential criteria to judge an individual. So, if abundant resources & necessities of life are provided to rural people, then truly they can work wonders & even these people are making us proud, every next day there is a motivational success story of village boy or girl with a powerful & catchy title. With the hard-work & firm-determination, they are reaching great heights.

Now, as cause & effect relationship prevails in the world, so if there is some cause, then it’s effect must be there whether positive or negative.

Talking about the ideal doings that must be done in order to seek rural development in the long run, some implementation areas are summarized below-

1.Poverty reduction: Poverty is the root cause of all evils. Many people are living below the poverty line. Hence, some measures or policies must be taken so as to reduce this great menace.

2.Infrastructure development: Infrastructure must be maintained so as to enhance health & education services. Moreover, it can add to the well-being & prosperity of an individual.

3.Bio-environmental management: Sustainable development must be the ultimate goal. Ecological balance & proper environmental conditions must be met & managed accordingly in order to have a clean & pure atmosphere.

4.Controlling immigration rate: Immigration rate must be maintained in order to have a better population control & rural upliftment.

5.Enforcement of policies rigidly: It is a fact that if policy or rule is not given utmost respect & priority, then it is of ultimate waste. Hence, policies must be enforced & implemented in an engaging & rigid way.

6.Usage of Artificial intelligence, IOT & big data: In the process of rural development, AI, IOT & big data can really help a lot to make better rural analysis & actions. These are the emerging technologies that greatly impact our lives providing a social, cultural & economic privileges.

So, these were the applicationary areas in which further work must be done in order to ensure better rural development results. Now, there is one well-defined topic or the basic crux of development phase of any methodology that for any kind of development, there can be the implementation of required & effective policies, but the overall idea is that how to implement those policies successfully so that they can make a huge difference & one can yield desired output. So, here are some powerful ways to successfully enforce & implement those policies-

1.Research & descriptive analysis: Proper research & descriptive analysis about the flaws & cons of rural world, analysing the trends can greatly help a lot in implementing the policies effectively & with full ease. Appropriate literature survey & churn analysis must be done.

2.Awareness among people: Generally, it happens that policies are enforced & introduced to people, but due to less awareness & rigidity, those rules or policies does not have teeth in them. They are just restricted to papers only. They are not implemented in a proper way. Hence, it is the need of the hour to just focus more on creating awareness among people about the need of rural development through meetings, campaigns, dharnaas etc.

3.Determination of quality policy content: Now, policies are introduced according to the current scenarios. But, the success of any policy depends upon its content, content must be catchy, effective & invigorating that can provoke the humans to ponder & think.

4.Multiple visitations to rural areas for better understanding: Giving a enthusiastic visit to rural areas can help a lot in understanding the current dire needs of rural people, to think about the flaws in the existing policies & to propose quality rules & amendments.

5.Promotion of policies by great people & ambassadors: Humans are very fickle-minded. Hence, the promotion of policies must be done by great ambassadors so that they can make people realize the interesting facts & figures.

6.Reviewing all policies & procedures: Before publicising the policies, they must be reviewed & tested in advance so that desired results can be achieved.

7.Conducting interviews & brainstorming sessions: Interviews & brainstorming sessions can help a lot to analyse the aspects qualitatively & with full ease. Moreover, there will be more human interaction & social wellbeing discussing the crucial aspects of the society.

Hence, these can be the great terminologies or procedures to implement & introduce any policy related to rural development.

Wrapping the respective topic in an enthusiastic & stimulating way, the following saying can immensely help-

“LIFE IN THE VILLAGE, if well-lived is long enough”

Moreover, one must remember that- “GOD made the COUNTRY & MAN made the TOWN”.


Writer: AZEEM UDDIN, Greater Noida, secured first position (above 18 years) , in Monthly International Essay Competition, November, 2019.



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