Identifying a Good Guest Post Service for Your Business


It is no surprise that blogging is a popular marketing technique among small, medium, and large businesses. Guest posts are efficient and effective in placing you in a position of authority within your industry and drawing attention to what you are offering. However, guest posting requires effort and research to ensure that what you provide grabs the attention of high authority sites and the modern-day busy online consumers. And this is where a guest post agency comes in. The service has the expertise to develop and write blog posts for your business. It will find big-audience websites willing to help you grow your business. Collaborating with such platforms by publishing quality guest posts increases the exposure of your business to a larger audience—driving traffic to your site. One sure way of getting more links and consistent ranking improvements is by using a guest posts service! If you are ready to reap the benefits of guest posting, learn what it takes to find a great guest posting service.

Identifying Your Niche

You want your content to bring you a ready audience.

So, you need to identify your business’ niche in the broader market. A clear definition of your niche also makes it easier to focus your guest blog pitch efforts.

Identifying your niche brings several benefits, including:

  • Showcasing your expertise to readers in a specific field and Google treats you as an expert in the same
  • Creating a loyal audience that keeps coming back to your site hoping to find new content, because they know that they will always find something highly relevant to them
  • Making monetization easy when you are selling services and products that the audience is already highly interested in while providing cost-efficiency
  • Helping you rank high on Google thanks to the topic relevance of your guest posts
  • Building a tribe of like-minded people visiting your site, so you can let them subscribe to your newsletters or even build a high-engaging community of people interested in your niche

The more closely your target guest posting opportunity is to your business’ niche, the better the results you will achieve for all the effort you invest in SEO.

Qualities of a Good Guest Post Service

Thousands of guest post agencies claim that they are the best in the field. Unfortunately, few live up to that promise. To find the best, high-quality guest blogging opportunities for you and your business, here are five qualities to look out for.

Operates in the same niche as you

While choosing a guest posting opportunity, the very first thing to check is whether the service has expertise in a specific niche. Such opportunities are easy to secure because bloggers are looking to create lasting relationships with brands that their readers relate to. 

Has high domain authority

Extending your manual outreach campaign to high domain authority (DA) websites helps boost your website’s authority, too. Additionally, a single link from a reputed site with 90+ DA is much better than getting many backlinks from a low DA website.

Allows featured posts, like your brand story

Such a service will run a dedicated story about your brand or business.

Featured posts are permanent, and they provide you with an opportunity to stick the “As Seen On…” and “Featured On…” promotions on your website and products.

Featured content provides an incredible value for your business, including:

  • A high-quality link from very high DA websites with plenty of traffic
  • Such services also include plenty of article extras such as images that support your content
  • A high focus on your services and products
  • A means to share your story, expertise, and services as the CEO of a business

Offers editorial backlinks

Increase your brand’s visibility and ranking in Google search results by using newspaper editorial backlinks.

Backlinks are hypertext links that point back to your product page, blog post, or website directly from an authoritative newspaper platform. Achieve high-quality editorial backlinks by looking for opportunities on some of the most popular and prestigious newspapers in your area.

To get these backlinks:

  • Journalists from reputed newspaper firms may write an article about what you are doing or include a link to your site as a point of reference
  • Or, provide content based on your business leadership rank in the form of guest content on specific themes and topics

Offers education backlinks (.edu sites)

Backlinks from .edu sites bring serious power to your campaign because:

  • The domain extension is only for certified education institutions, making it more valuable and harder to get
  • These domains only publish authoritative and high-quality content that Google prefers
  • Many .edu domains contain many high-end links within articles that point back to them, increasing their DA
  • Many .edu platforms are old, so they have more authority

Keep in mind that not all domains belonging to higher education institutions have these qualities, but the bulk of them are good options.

Also, not all .edu domains belong to universities and colleges. Continuing education programs, trade schools, and vocational schools also hold these domains. Get the best results by looking for guest blogging opportunities on .edu domains within your geographical location.

Other Factors to Consider


Check whether the service accepts input from everyone or whether it has a certain criterion that contributors should fulfill. Learn more about the platform’s exclusivity by looking at the contributors and their profiles.


Some bigger websites and blogs have specific editorial standards that make it hard to earn a follow link. During guest posting, a nofollow link should not be a top priority, but it is still important for some businesses.

If this applies to you, consider prioritizing your list of potential opportunities by the linking service they provide. Keep in mind that sites that provide followed links are usually of less DA. 

Finding an Agency with the Best Guest Post Tools

The right service provider should supply you with the best technology in regards to guest posting. This ensures that your content always shows up for your target audience.

The ideal agency is one with the best guest post tools available, which help the service provider: 

  • Determine Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) positions of keywords relevant to your industry and in competing sites
  • Investigate and validate the backline portfolio of websites
  • Carry out an analysis to determine how a site is likely to rank

Why guest posting?

  • Guest posting improves your domain’s and search engine authority
  • Grows brand awareness, while generating qualified leads and sales
  • Generates social media shares
  • Achieves top-rated, high-quality backlinks
  • Guest posting is the perfect opportunity for marketers to network with other webmasters and bloggers

Guest posts provide organic inbound leads with traffic for a conversion rate of 14.6 percent compared to a paltry 1.7 percent conversion rate of outbound leads such as print advertising and direct mail.

The best guest posting services help with content planning and let you:

  • Select the length of content you require—about 500 words
  • Choose the DA of sites where you would like the content to appear
  • Select a target URL and anchor text, which could lead back to your product or website
  • Have the service post hundreds of contents on high-quality, high-domain authority platforms that point back to your preferred web page
  • Save money, since you are not purchasing links or hiring more staff—the guest post agency already has them in place

The result is a powerful marketing strategy that will have a positive large impact on your search engine rankings!

How to Pitch to Your Chosen Guest Post Services

Now that you have a list of high-quality guests posting opportunities, create the perfect pitch.

Some tips to create irresistible pitches are:

  • An attractive headline—Many editors find it hard to ignore or say no to an irresistible headline.
  • Provide an article outline—Include a short but descriptive outline of your article that includes key points, case studies, and research you intend to do for the post so editors have more insight into what you are writing about.
  • Provide multiple ideas—Boost acceptance chances by giving two or more article ideas you have. However, don’t include so many that they overwhelm the editor.
  • Include a personal touch—Email the right person and address them by name. If an editor has publicly revealed something about themselves, use it and enquire how they are to show that you know about them and their platform. Also, do not forget to mention things you love or admire about the platform.
  • Show how you intend to make things easier for the editor—Mention that you will send in the article in whichever format the editor likes. Further, offer to make alterations to the guest post to meet platform requirements. Make your pitch even more attractive by providing sample links to your posts that are doing well in terms of engagement.

To Sum Up

To get the best guest post agency, you first need to carry out diligent research. Make sure you are getting your money’s worth by looking into the feedback and testimonials. In essence, the best way to increase your sales is to work with an agency that will assist you in increasing your exposure and growing your business organically. Reach out to one today and get started!


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