How To Write A Five-page Essay

By: Sarah Mushtaque

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Imagine lazing around on a cool Saturday afternoon when suddenly you have received the task of writing a five-page essay. The moment of serenity that once encompassed you has now disappeared and you are left with nothing but an enormous feeling of despair looming over you. What would you do? 

Essay writing has always and will always be a burdensome task. Despite being so, it is still a major part of all our lives, whether we are students, researchers, office workers, or even CEOs of big companies. No matter which stage of life we find ourselves in, essay writing will always stare at us, even when we do not want it to. 

So, how do we write a five-page long essay? How do we summarize our thoughts such that our reader will be nothing but appalled at the quality of our composition? Simply by following certain steps we can accomplish this feat of writing a five-page long essay, with less difficulty. 

Firstly, we must begin the preparations of what is called “the pre-writing phrase”. This is used to refer to the time when we gather information about our chosen topic, research, fill our pot of knowledge with ideas we were yet to know and form a basic understanding of the topic. This involves creating a mind map and outlining the ideas, ranging from most significant to ideas that can be discarded. A lot of people skip this step, assuming it might be of no help, but in reality, this acts as an aid for us when we commence with our writing. It allows us to create a basic idea of the requirements and we can write the essay with ease. Had we started the essay without this procedure, we would’ve encountered numerous drawbacks, simply because we have no clear idea of the topic we are writing about. Having this surmise regarding our topic may sound like something too decorous, but it is very helpful. If people ask us about the topic we wrote, we will be able to fascinate them with interesting facts and statements they didn’t know. 

After the valediction of the “prewriting phase”, we then come across the main phase to start writing the essay. In this particular phase, we start by focusing on the first page of our essay. Our thoughts will only be confined to what we should put on the first page. On this first page will appear our introduction. The introduction needs to be captivating and should consist of a “hooker” sentence, a specific sentence to grab the attention of the reader. 

The sentence will urge the reader to read the whole composition, filling him or her with an unstoppable fascination each time their eyes land upon a particular sentence. The introductory passage should also possess a thesis statement, which states our convictions or perspectives on the topic. If we are writing a persuasive essay or an essay where we are given to choose from any two situations, a persuasive essay will help tell the reader which side you are on. Without a thesis statement, the essay will look very bland and uninteresting, the two factors all writers yearn to get rid of. 

The introductory passage can be broken down into smaller parts. Giving fun facts to the reader might also feed their fascination, making them immersed in the composition. 

After the introductory passage, we can move on to the main body. Due to the fact that we have to cover 5 pages, the body should be long enough to cover at least 4. Therefore, we should categorize our research (information) into 4 parts, giving us a clear idea of what information to put where. For simply this task, we can follow the “inverted pyramid”. The “inverted pyramid” is a writing style used most often in news reports. It involves placing the most pivotal information at the beginning and the least important at the last. This will ensure that the readers are kept intrigued until the very last minute. 

Not only does the sequence of information matter, but what matters the most in these types of extensive essays is the mere fact that they are time-consuming, therefore we should have a continuous flow of writing to avoid the abrupt pauses and halts in between. This restates the very first procedure at the beginning of this essay which talks about the “pre-writing phrase”. If we have a clear concept of our topic and have stored a sufficient amount of information inside our brains, it will be ten times easier for us to write continuously, with more time.  

Writing prolonged compositions has always been a laborious task, but is entailed almost in every step of life. Whether submitting essay assignments, applying for universities, job applications, or even a long letter to the CEO, they have proved to be one of the most burdensome tasks. Only if we research a lot and abide by the aforementioned rules, we can accomplish this feat. And, slowly when we begin to master it, there will come a time when we will be curious as to why, in the past, it looked so burdensome. 

By: Sarah Mushtaque

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