How to start Jute Bag Manufacturing startup

By J. Vaisali

Jute Bag Manufacturing Strat up
Jute Bag Manufacturing Strat up
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At the present moment, our universe is polluted to an egregious level because of plastic bags, in spite of our government imposing a ban on plastic bags, it has not stopped the populace from buying them; plastic bags are not only non-biodegradable but also precarious. Year after year, nearly 500,000,000,000 (500 billion) plastic bags are utilized globally. That is why it is best to shift to better & eco-friendly further alternatives such as Jute bags/ Earth bags.


Originally Jute is widely grown in multitudinous parts of the country it is absolutely natural & currently, it is one of the strongest all-natural fibers available everywhere in the world.

Further jute is a soft, long, shiny vegetable fiber also familiarly known as “Golden fiber” and it is pollution free/ biodegradable & reusable. Furthermore starting a jute bag-making business is the right choice because jute bags have been far too much rising during the past year.

 Also, it is also cost-effective so the investments in jute bags-making business do not have to be massive. Presently people carry these bags as stylish handbags & printed jute bags are used for Shopping, Gift bags, carrying books/ lunch, Handbags etc. 

As stated by one recent study has shown that the populace has become big bored with carrying bags made of plastic/ leather. More so any individual can start this jute bag business even from home and this is a good chance for girls, mothers, women, housewives etc.

As stated by a survey, in the years 2016 & 2018 the jute bag business market value touches US$ 1.4 Billion & US$ 1.8 Billion and it has a historic record of 11.5% CAGR from the year 2011 to 2018. In accordance with IMARC Group’s statement in the year 2020 jute bag market reached a value of US$ 2.07 Billion. Backpack diaper bags are another good option.

Facts about Jute

  • Environmentally Safe
  • Reused
  • Decayed in a couple of weeks
  • Surprisingly strong
  • It  has low water & CO2 footprint
  • Cost effective & fashionable

Goods made from Jute

  • Designer Bags
  • Conference Bags
  • Drawstring Pouches
  • Ladies Purses
  • Promotional Bags
  • Shopping Bags
  • Wine Bottle Bags
  • Calico Bags
  • Carry Bags

Startup Cost

In general the startup cost consists of Staple goods, Procuring machinery, and other resources like manpower, distribution/ marketing cost. In case we are starting a micro/ small scale unit, and then it is best to start with our own finance or we apply for a bank loan.

Business Opportunity

For the sake of beneficial business, it is of great significance to appeal to a good way of the market. Start-up a business in jute bag/earthbag producing means we first need to grasp the crucial requirements of Jute bags/Earthbags and also possessing profound wisdom about jute will help flourish jute business.

At present shopping/ college bags, and women’s bags/ purses are being made from jute so apart from continuing our own business of jute bags we must tie up with a few microscale/ retail shops.

Kinds of Jute bags

There are enormous types of jute bags find in the market place, also according to lamination or lining, there are

  • Muslin Lined
  • Laminated (Food Grade LDPE, wipe clean, splash resistant)
  • Unlaminated (Biodegradable)

Handles of Jute bags

Jute bags have multifarious handle. These are

  • Cane Handles
  • Jute Handles
  • Cotton webbing, filled with rope
  • Flat Cotton Strap
  • Rope with eyelets
  • Drawstring

Unit Setup

Initially, we need approximately 500 Square feet of an area, to set up a mini jute bag-making business. Apart from this, we must have an electricity connection for operating the machinery, in addition, we must have a big opening/ entrance. Afterward ensuring the space, we must craft a site plan. Then we will need to determine the space for

  • Manufacturing Area
  • Storage Area
  • Admin Area

License required for making Jute bags

  1. Registration of firm – At first we start the small-scale jute bag business neither a partnership firm/ proprietorship firm
  2. Tread License – It is obtained from domestic authorities
  3. SSI unit – To get ISO certification for firm
  4. GST registration – To get GST No. by GST registration
  5. IEC Code – It is used during jute bag export

Raw Materials for Jute Bag manufacturing

Scholars pinpoint that countries such as Bangladesh & India (50% of the country’s total jute produce) are the chief & successful producers of jute fiber. Staple goods/ raw materials used in jute bag/ Earthbag making are as follows:

  • Hook
  • Bamboo Sticks
  • Jute fabric
  • Dyes
  • Printing gum
  • Sewing thread (preferably nylon)
  • Chemicals & auxiliaries
  • Handles
  • PVC buckles
  • Packing materials
  • Labels

Finest kinds of machinery for Jute Bag Making Business

Jute bags/ Earth bags making does not necessity high end technology machinery but it all depends on the scale and variety of jute/ Earth bags. In order to make a printed jute bags, the following machinery is needful:

  • Lamination Machine
  • Dye Paste Stirrer
  • Side Sealing Machine
  • Wooden Working Table
  • Wooden Printing Table
  • Rubber Wiper
  • Screen printing machine
  • Water Drum, Tubes, Mugs, Clips, Stools, Roper etc.
  • Cottage Steamer
  • Electric Fittings
  • Scissors and measuring tape
  • Cutting machine
  • Heavy-duty Sewing machine
  • Regular sewing machine
  • Nylon thread
  • Lockstitch Machines

Steps for making Jute bags

Techniques for making/ manufacturing jute bags are extremely facile. Steps involved in jute bags making process are:

1)  Initially we procure woven jute fabric rolls from dealers/ wholesalers or directly from the producers. Besides it is widely available in Kolkata & West Bengal. In India the cost of jute fabric roll is approximately Rs 60 per Kilogram.

2)   Subsequently laminate the jute fabric rolls. We sold Jute bags in two kinds laminated/ Unlaminated. In case we want to sell laminated jute bags means then laminate the jute rolls prior cutting the jute fabric roll.

3)   Then place the jute fabric roll on the table & fix the roll

4)    According to the needs cut the jute rolls using machines to the required shape/ size

5)   Afterwards use screen printing machine to imprint the logos/ text/ designs on the jute fabric roll bits

6)    Clean up & dry the printed jute fabric roll bits

7)    Sew the cut bits of jute roll using a stitching/ sewing machine. In our country Sewing/ Automatic Sewing Machine is nearly sixty thousand rupees

8)   Further affix the handles, zips/ buckles

9)    Eventually pack up the jute fabric bags for merchandising 

Promoting Jute Bag Making Business

Encouraging/ Promoting is an essential step for selling any item in the market. In addition designer jute bags/ earth bags have excellent sales over e-commerce internet site.

  • Online promotion (Social Media & Business Websites)
  • Offline promotion (retail sales)

It will play a chief role in establishing/ selling jute bags. At the outset focus the domestic market for instant customers. It includes

  • Manufactures of sand
  • Animal Feed products
  • Producers of cement
  • Fertilizers & Pesticides
  • Shopping Malls
  • Rice Mills
  • Textile producers
  • Retail Shops
  • Flour Mills

Profit rate in Jute Bags Making Business

We earn good profit rate is Jute bags making business. Initially the market rate of 15kg grocery jute bag is Rs 50 but the producing cost of jute bags is approximately Rs 25 without printing as more the designer jute bags are lot more high priced.

Training/ Learning Institutes for Jute Bag Making Business

There are enormous training institutes/ centers to make jute bag making business in Indian country. They are

  1. NCJD (National Centre for Jute Diversification)
  2. JMDC (Jute Manufacturers Development Council)

The abovementioned 2 centers offers training on jute bag making. It provides courses like

  • Basic Training Programme
  • Advance Training Programme
  • Technical Demonstration
  • Advance Training Cum Design Dissemination Programme
  • Buyer Seller Meet (Arrange)

Key Producers in Jute Bags Market

  • Gloster Limited
  • Bangalore Fort Farms
  • Budge Budge Company
  • Aarbur
  • Hitaishi-KK
  • Cheviot
  • Ludlow Jute & Specialities
  • Howrah Mills Co. Ltd.
  • Shree Jee International India

As whole Jute bags/Earthbags are a cool substitute for plastic bags. Currently, it is enormously used and in vogue which is why it is a fantastic startup business venture to start with and also has a wide market. As stated by firm estimates, our country India has exported millions of Jute bags/ Earth bags chiefly to the European country.

The manufacturing of jute bags which is chiefly in the mini & micro firms has picked up substantially over recent years. Likewise globally there is a huge scope for jute bags as an alternative to other bags. India holds the majority/ predominant of shares representing the leading manufacturer of jute bags. As well as the rewards offered by jute bags like biodegradability, durability, cost effective, etc. have upheld/ supported the market growth all over the globe. Upcoming year’s jute bag market is expected to touch the value of US$ 3.3 billion by 2026 (CAGR of 9.4%)

By J. Vaisali

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